Irfan Goes To The Zoo

Last Sunday, Irfan (along with a bunch of family members) went to the zoo! Here’s a series of photos that came out of our little zoo trip.

[[image:zoo01.jpg:Immediately after insertion into zoo:center:0]]The crew lead by Irfan walks by the elephant paddock, away from it because he was spooked by the big pachyderms.

[[image:zoo02.jpg:Stork lake:center:0]]Irfan and his Aunt Emma with some storks in the background. There’s one bird in flight in the background immediately behind them if you look carefully.

[[image:zoo03.jpg:Pony ride:center:0]]Again, Irfan is spooked and refuses to approach a pony, RM2.00 a pop. He preferred to be elsewhere, like…

[[image:zoo04.jpg:The jejawi tree:center:0]]…this ficus microcarpa a.k.a. the Malay Banyan a.k.a the jejawi tree. Oh hey, another group photo.

[[image:zoo05.jpg:Emus:center:0]]Everyone referred to these as ostriches until we came to the plaque that says that they were emus. The ostriches, we discovered later, were in the the savanna open paddock along with the giraffes, zebras and rhinoceroses.

[[image:zoo06.jpg:Deers of some sort:center:0]]One deer crapped before us, then peed all over his dropping. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the smell of nature.

[[image:zoo07.jpg:Unreal lions:center:0]]We could see the lions and tigers in their enclosures, but they were mostly asleep. One tiger woke up for a second, made eye contact with us much to Irfan’s excitement, yawned and went back to sleep. Too far for clear photos to be taken, we settled on these ones here which uh,… might be real ones cursed and turned into stone… or something.

[[image:zoo08.jpg:Brunch:center:0]]Ain made fried noodles with mixed vegetables. We stopped for a breather and ate it all down, all of it (we even cleaned out the water bottle), to lighten the load we had in the bags.

[[image:zoo09.jpg:A big goat or a small cow:center:0]]I forgot what this creature was. Irfan looked as his Opah Ngah and Pak Ngah fed the quadruped creature leaves from the bushes.

[[image:zoo10.jpg:Irfan & I:center:0]]Irfan and I at the hemispherical structure that housed cages that housed many type of civets, wildcats and a couple of raccoons.

[[image:zoo11.jpg:Camels:center:0]]Irfan and his grandpa gazing at camels. No spitting occured. With the camels or with Irfan.

[[image:zoo12.jpg:A pelican, briefly:center:0]]Finally, Irfan touched his first zoo animal, which was this very friendly pelican which hung about at the petting area with its buddies, a python, a venerable looking turtle and two shifty and upside down flying foxes. Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of him touching the bird’s feathers.

[[image:zoo13.jpg:Leaving the zoo:center:0]]The Zoo infitration team, anti-clockwise from Irfan: Irfan’s Opah, Irfan’s Ummi, Irfan’s Opah Ngah, Irfan’s Cik Emma, Irfan’s Pak Ngah, and Irfan’s Atok. Irfan’s Abah is behind the camera.

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