Irfan Meets a River

On the way back from Pasir Mas, Irfan met a river. It was raging force of nature filled with teh tarik after a sustained rainfall in the mountains. We just came from over the mountain.

Falling in this might be fatal

The river

This is no pond and there’s no melody coming from it.

Yay! Tiny maelstroms!

Closer view

Yay! Tiny maelstroms!

Didn't Orpheus went down these steps once?

Stairs to Styx

I wonder if you walk down the stairway there’s a forcefield that protects you as you descend down into the depths towards the hidden fortress of the river folk.

Are there monsters beneath the water?

Bye, river

There might probably have been adventure on the other side of the swollen river.

Soon after we resumed our journey home.

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