Irfan’s Cycling Saturday

Thanks to Irfan’s Tok and Opah, he now has a brand new bicycle with which he would rule the world. Or at the very least the play area at the KLCC park. Quite eager to try out his new vehicle in the morning, we took a drive to KLCC last Saturday morning.

As usual, the queue into the parking lot is atrociously long for the simple reason that the coin machine at the entrance gate sucks majorly. It costs a ringgit to enter the parking lot. It took me a brazillion tries pushing in the 50 cent coins into the slot until they finally dropped in, raising the barricade arm.

To KLCC: Get a new gate system. The current one sucks. Or have someone there weekend mornings to receive money with one hand and the gate lever in the other.

Additionally, a pox on the testicles on each of the drivers that jumped the queue that morning.

[[image:klccredux1.jpg:Can’t wait to start cycling:center:0]]
Here was Irfan having breakfast with Ain and I. Nasi lemak and teh ais. He sat there for about twenty seconds. Then he was off on his bicycle.

[[image:klccredux2.jpg:Start cycling:center:0]]
Then Irfan learnt that riding uphill can be pretty tiring.

[[image:klccredux3.jpg:Or maybe pushing:center:0]]
Pushing it slowly seemed like a more energy efficient method of travelling in the park.

[[image:klccredux4.jpg:Or maybe sitting:center:0]]
Sitting cross-legged on the grass saves even more energy.

[[image:klccredux5.jpg:Yeah, we’re in a park:center:0]]
The bottom part of the KLCC Twin Towers looms in the background through the park trees.

[[image:klccredux6.jpg:Or maybe lying:center:0]]
Irfan discovers that this was the most enjoyable part of being there. Until he started getting itchy and scratched himself all over. (Perhaps this was also caused by him crawling under the park benches.)

[[image:klccredux7.jpg:More of the park:center:0]]
Here was the path that led back to the parking lot.

[[image:klccredux8.jpg:Twin peaks:center:0]]
The spires at the top of the towers.


And no we didn’t head for the great big playground there next. We weren’t that masochistic. Anyway, Irfan needed a bath because of his miang, scratching all the time and asking to go home.

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