Irfan’s Parents: Year Eight Together

Twelve years ago Ain & I met. Four years later, we got married.

Strangely enough this year we remembered our anniversary. As opposed to being reminded by Atok Irfan when he wishes us happy anniversary at night.

Happy eighth anniversary, Ain. May we still have each other’s backs and make each other laugh for as long as we live. (And maybe some time after as well)

Earlier tonight we celebrated with a dinner outside, compliments of Emma:

[[image:anniversary2008_00.jpg:Shane… it’s your T-shirt!:center:0]]

[[image:anniversary2008_01.jpg:This time we have Irfan in between:center:0]]

[[image:anniversary2008_02.jpg:Are these guys twins or what?:center:0]] 

[[image:anniversary2008_03.jpg:Gesturing for some reason at the camera:center:0]] 

Now it’s back to getting Irfan to do his homework…

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