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It’s cartoon avatar month on ACS Sitiawan Forums. My current favourite animated series now is Justice League Unlimited. So here are some JLU avatars for anyone’s use. No heavy hitters like Clark, Bruce and Diana. The only founding members here are John and Wally. The rest are second stringers, but what colourful second stringers they make, eh?

For their names, hover your cursor over the avatars.

[[image:jlu_albert_rothstein.gif:Albert Rothstein:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_beatriz_dacosta.gif:Beatriz Dacosta:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_dinah_lance.gif:Dinah Lance:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_helena_bertinelli.gif:Helena Bertinelli:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_jack_ryder.gif:Jack Ryder:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_john_stewart.gif:John Stewart:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_kara_zor-el.gif:Kara Zor-El:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_michael_jon_carter.gif:Michael Jon Carter:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_nathaniel_adam.gif:Nathaniel Adam:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_ralph_dibny.gif:Ralph Dibny:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_ray_palmer.gif:Ray Palmer:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_ray_terrill.gif:Ray Terrill:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_red_tornado.gif:Red Tornado:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_todd_ricegif:Todd Rice:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_vic_sage.gif:Vic Sage:center:0]]
[[image:jlu_wally_west.gif:Wally West laying some smackdown on Lex Luthor:center:0]]

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