Last Day In Malaysia

It was the last day of Alya, Vin and Sila’s vacation in Malaysia. It was a sad day for everyone. It was sad.

Thankfully, the cousins did not feel a smidgen of sadness. They both rocked all day from the breakfast at the mamak restaurant, to the final minutes at KLIA.

You know, I think I’ll just leave the photos here mostly without any commentary, funny or otherwise, because I honestly have no idea what to pad out the entry with.

Finale 1            Finale 2

Finale 3

Finale 4

Finale 5

Finale 6

Finale 7

Finale 8

Finale 9

Finale 10

Finale 11

Finale 12

Finale 13

Finale 14

Bon voyage, the Renstroms. See you whenever we see you next!

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