Marvel’s Civil War in 30 Seconds

[[image:nextwave11.jpg:Warren Ellis you sly dog you….:left:0]]Civil War was announced as the Marvel Comics crossover event for 2006-2007. Written by Mark Millar and pencilled by Steve McNiven, whose art I admired since his Sentry story arc on the New Avengers and two issues of Ultimate Secret it was going to be a total revamp of how super-powered heroes will be regarded by the government and the general public in Marvel’s Earth-616.

Superhero Registration Act and whatnot.

I thought I wouldn’t read too much into it and get the book once it’s been collected into a trade paperback. However, issue #7 was released and it’s difficult not to hear the online rantings of almost everyone if you’re a comic book fan.

Anyway if you’re not physically, psychologically or radiologically allergic to spoilers (SPOILERS! Once again in caps for your attention) check out this Civil War in 30 Seconds post from Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog. It distills the gist of the storyline into several hilarious panels with Marvel superheroes as stick figures.

Oh by the way, the image above was obtained without permission but with good intentions from Newsrama.

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