More Pictures Painted With A Tablet

This time it’s not me.

Irfan’s learned to not only draw and colour pictures digitally, but he’s also learnt to use layers. I’d create a file for him with two layers, and he’ll do the rest. He select the top layer to draw his line art. Then, he’ll select the bottom layer and choose the colours he want to paint.

Let’s go through one artwork at a time:

Take for example this piece here, some kind of a plant based monster complete with petals and legs. Bewildered by the roof like structure atop the monster’s face, he finally revealed to me today that the creature was based on Constance’s final incarnation in Monster House. The antennae apparently receives television signals. [[image:irfan_art00.jpg:The Flower House Monster:center:0]]

Obviously, this artwork is of a car which has some strange colouring choices alongside a potted plant.[[image:irfan_art01.jpg:That flower is history in a second:center:0]]

After only a couple of days, Irfan has mastered proper human body to leg proportion (compared to his portait of his parents two articles ago). But somehow or other, this person who wears a blue shirt and red pants is named “Sxomqil”. He might possibly be an Aztec.[[image:irfan_art02.jpg:Sxomqil chants in nahuatl:center:0]]

I don’t know what this is but I’m sure I’ve seen this on Penny Arcade.[[image:irfan_art03.jpg:Div:center:0]]

Finally… It’s a hoofed, metal fuselage with fins and three yellow-red eyes. It might be a monster, or a robot, or some inconceivable concept from the depths of Irfan’s imagination that would bring madness to those that understands the finality of what this image represents.[[image:irfan_art04.jpg:It probably communicates using 90s boy band lyrics. The horror!:center:0]]

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