Musings on The Chicken

It’s been months now since we last saw the chicken. I wonder whatever happened to it? Aside from having made it into the blog, and becoming one of the entry header pictures, did it also end up being somebody’s lovely free range roasted chicken dinner? Did it get repatriated to the countryside, and sent to a chicken-friendly environment? Did it get auctioned off to the highest bidder? Did it wander back home (wherever that might be) to be reunited with its family? Is it hobnobbing with Mel Gibson and the Chicken Run gang? Is it lolling in some warm climate (not the oven), getting a sun tan?

Anyway, we have not seen the chicken for a loooong time. I sort of miss it. No more random yelling, no more worries about it pooping everywhere and eating the birdseed that Vin puts out for the birds and squirrels.

Perhaps the chicken is on a spaceship being anal probed, right now. Wherever it is, we wish it well. Sayonara, Chicken.

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