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As far as positions of movie planets are concerned, the incredibly detailed galaxy map of the Star Wars universe is complete. Webmaster Eric Przybylski has also done a great job placing the planets of the EU in the massive map he made, with inserts of the Corellian Sector and the Si’klaata Cluster, among others. Also included are several smaller maps of sectors such as Kuat, Kathol, Brak and Elrood.

Check out if you want to know how far it is from Hoth to Bespin (the Millennium Falcon‘s flight in The Empire Strikes Back), and where Polis Massa (where Luke and Leia were born) is located in relation to the volcanic world of Mustafar (where Vader was immolated); or if you’re hardcore what route did Quinlan Vos take to relocate his clone army from Saleucami to Boz Pity (as mentioned in passing in Revenge of the Sith); or if you’re ultra-hardcore how far Ganath is from Nal Hutta (where the Falcon hid after being attacked by Boba Fett upon Han and Leia’s retrieval of the fallen Jedi Vima-Da-Boda in Dark Empire)…

…or maybe you just need to see where the Gree enclave is in relation to the Core Worlds…
[[image:galaxymap.gif:Star Wars Galaxy Map:center:0]]
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