Not Really The Eye of Sauron

The Eye on Malaysia is its name and we went for a trip to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa for a look and for a ride. Well, Everyone else took the ride. Ain & I did not because Irfan didn’t want to take a ride on it. We thought we might go later and at night to see the city skyline after dark, which might be beautiful.

Unless there’s a citywide blackout.

In which case, the lack of a pretty landscape might be the least of our problems.

Here’s the Eye on Malaysia, which seem to conceptually rip off the Millennium Wheel (or the London Eye). Welcome to Malaysia. Leave your originality at the door, thank you very much.[[image:eye01.jpg:It’s plainly labeled:center:0]]

You can hardly contain the excitement of riding the giant, vertical metal merry-go-round. I’ve never heard anyone referring to it as a Ferris wheel at all which saddened me.[[image:eye02.jpg:The Expeditionary Force:center:0]]

Here are the chumps that didn’t fall into the line. When told about the Sauron’s Eye, Irfan was so excited in going to see it. But once he saw it see didn’t seem to keen on taking a ride on it.[[image:eye03.jpg:Us:center:0]][[image:eye04.jpg::center:0]]

I was expecting General Grievous to peek out from the middle of the structure. Sadly, he did not.[[image:eye05.jpg::center:0]]

There was quite a huge amount of persuasion required to get Irfan’s Tok Ma to participate. Finally she relented and joined the line.[[image:eye06.jpg::center:0]]

Meanwhile Irfan explored the edge of the lake with his cars in hand.[[image:eye07.jpg::center:0]]

We parted ways with the rest of them. They went aboard the wheel and we went on a seperate mission: to refuel the car.(It was cooler in the car, anyway.)[[image:eye08.jpg::center:0]]

As the car got refueled this photo was taken from the wheel cab that they were in.[[image:eye09.jpg::center:0]]

It didn’t seem like everyone had gone balik kampung during the long Chinese New Year weekend. Why there were still a lot of people hanging around in Kuala Lumpur during a long break would be a mystery for the rest of our lives. Happy New Year of the Pig everyone.[[image:eye10.jpg::center:0]]

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