Noumenon Sample Download

Within the Silhouette Rouge

Within the Silhouette Rouge

A free sample (see final paragraph for download link) of the Noumenon RPG from Abstract Nova is online with some intriguing write-up of the Sarcophagi and the Silhouette Rouge, a primer into the Noumenon game millieux, as well as the rudimentaries of the game mechanics which of all things involves dominoes!

And no, none of the vignettes which I wrote are in here. (I wasn’t involved in the illustrations at all.)

Here’s a sample text from the free download:


The Sarcophagi are creatures born of mystery and devoid of past. They have been resurrected from flawed and meaningless lives into a new existence. Memory and history are lost to them; their old lives cast aside like a cocoon that has been outgrown. Once the Sarcophagi were human, but now they are something else. Their compound eyes see the world differently. Their four arms manipulate reality in new ways. A chitinous exoskeleton protects their fragile souls.

The Sarcophagi are insects that walk as men.

The Sarcophagi are explorers. They wander the Silhouette Rouge, seeking to divine its truths. Only by doing so, can they escape this place and progress to whatever destiny awaits them.


The Sarcophagi are not alone. Strange, wayward souls haunt the Silhouette Rouge. Known simply as the Others, each of these entities is unique. Some understand the mystery of the Silhouette Rouge, while some are as unknowing as the Sarcophagi.

The Others have been here for a very long time.

I really hope I’ll be able to run this someday, when I get the old crew back together… or muster a new crew somehow. Watch out for the full release of Noumenon in June.

Right click and save here (720 MB) to download the freebie in PDF format.

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