Nursery – Part 1

So to while away the time until the baby arrives, how about a look at the nursery? It’s almost finished – but here’s a view of it from the beginning until what it looks like right now.

* Mouse over the pictures for captions

First, the original paintjob:


[[image:nursery02.jpg:Twin bunk beds:center:0]]

[[image:nursery03.jpg:Seriously purple walls:center:0]]

Seriously, the picture doesn’t show how dark that purple actually was. There were two colors, dark dark purple, and lavender, and both are more suitable for teenaged girls (that’s who last occupied this room). For a baby, I wanted brighter and happier colors. So Vin started work (since the doctor nixed the idea of me on a ladder, Vin did most of the hard work). I did help though – couldn’t keep out of it. 🙂

[[image:nursery04.jpg:Taking fixtures off the wall:center:0]]

[[image:nursery06.jpg:Replacing purple with “Macadamia”:center:0]]

[[image:nursery07.jpg:Macadamia-colored walls:center:0]]

[[image:nursery05.jpg:Halfway done:center:0]]

[[image:nursery08.jpg:Here’s where we stopped:center:0]]

Then Mak and Abah arrived and Abah and Vin shooed me out of the nursery. No more painting for Sila (Vin said I could “supervise” as that was the most important job). Uh huh. Nice, right? But look at their progress! Woohoooo!!!

[[image:nursery09.jpg:Abah and Vin working together:center:0]]

[[image:nursery10.jpg:Abah covering purple with “Ryegrass”:center:0]]

[[image:nursery11.jpg:Vin continuing with “Macadamia”:center:0]]

[[image:nursery12.jpg:Abah above the bunk bed, Vin under the bunk bed:center:0]]

By the way, “Macadamia” is obviously a beige-ish color, and “Ryegrass” is sort of a light sage-green color. The purple walls were so dark, covering them over required two coats of paint. Here’s where we’re at now:

[[image:nursery13.jpg:Green and beige:center:0]]

[[image:nursery14.jpg:Vin testing out the wall border:center:0]]

[[image:nursery15.jpg:Admiring the handiwork:center:0]]

[[image:nursery16.jpg:Macadamia and Ryegrass:center:0]]

Yayyyyyyy!!! No more purple!!! No more purple!!!! No more purple!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Vin and Abah!!! I’m veeeery happy!!! Now to put the final touches on the nursery! Stay tuned for progress (unless I go into labor – which I am thinking might happen next week or next month… gah). 😉

And just to gloat a bit, tonight Mak just made lamb kurma, stir fry mix veggie and rice for dinner. Wheeeeeeee! Life is good!!! 🙂

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