Outdoors After Two Weeks

I have been cooped up at home for more than two weeks. The last time I left the driveway was to fill up the water bottles with the potable water vending machines.

Since then I have been spending most of my time planning for lessons, running lessons, uploading online learning material and monitoring the students’ output. This takes up a great deal of my time. I am used to working from home for fives years before I came to work here. I do not mind working from home at all and could happily spend the rest of my life teaching from home.

However, the virtual paperwork and other class management duties has worn me down.

I have never felt so emotionally and physically exhausted before in my life, without being clinically depressed.

Yesterday, the government has allowed two persons from a single household to travel by car. So Ain and I briefly drove out into the world together again to run an errand.

The sojourn did charge my batteries somewhat.

Travelling outdoors

Travelling outdoors

Blue skies and heavy clouds

Blue skies and heavy clouds

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