Pacific Northwest: Part VII (Walking Around Seattle)

After the Space Needle, the first thing we did was get ourselves an early lunch at the Bite of Seattle. It’s a big food fair where tons of local restaurants manned little booths and we got to taste a bunch of different foods pretty cheaply. It was a smorgasbord of delights. I ended up eating fresh shrimp rolls, pad thai, and a bunch of other little snacks. However, it turns out, I was so busy looking through all the booths and foods that I didn’t actually take that many pictures! None of the stalls! Just this one of Vincent and Lil while Lil ate her lunch:

[[image:pacnw86.jpg:Vincent and Lil by a funky fountain:center:0]]

It took a while for us to decide what we wanted, but since it wasn’t even noon yet, it wasn’t too crowded so we didn’t have to queue up for too long to purchase our food. We then decided to head to Pike Place Market and took the monorail there:

[[image:pacnw87.jpg:Getting on the monorail:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw89.jpg:On the train:center:0]]

And now, Pike Place Market:

[[image:pacnw92.jpg:The Market:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw93.jpg:Iconic landmark:center:0]]

[[image:pacnw108.jpg:In case you missed the first 2 signs:center:0]]

Seafood is so fresh and gorgeous here:


In fact all the produce is beautiful:


But it was really very crowded and we needed to get out into the fresh air. Lil embraced her heart’s desire:


And so did Vincent???

[[image:pacnw99.jpg:Wah, in broad daylight some more!!:center:0]]

😉 Funny picture though, huh? We did get some cool shots of Vincent on this trip.

Vin relaxed with his iced tea and fresh cherries:

[[image:pacnw100.jpg:Relaxing Vin:center:0]]

We then walked down to the Waterfront:

[[image:pacnw106.jpg:Sign for the Waterfront:center:0]]


Unfortunately the clouds made for a not-too exciting picture taking day there. We’d done a bunch of walking so we walked back to the Market . Lil picked up a copy of the newest Harry Potter sometime during this walk, and we taxied back to the Space Needle/Bite of Seattle site/car park. We strolled through the Bite of Seattle for a quick snack (fresh coconut water, yum! Vincent has a cool picture of this, check it out, part of the animoto) and a bit of picture taking:

[[image:pacnw110.jpg:Photographer and Model:center:0]]

Then Vin convinced Vincent that we should go back to Todai Sushi Buffet. Vincent thought that it was too early and the restaurant wouldn’t be open until 5:30. It was just about 5:00 PM when we got there, and as we sat in the car, looking at the “CLOSED” sign sitting prominently in the glass front door, the sign was flipped to “OPEN”! Hooting with victory, Vin jumped into the restaurant. And Lil experienced the Todai Experience. Check out her pictures of the buffet here.

In the meantime, some more plates of lovely sushi:



[[image:pacnw113.jpg:Lagi Sushi!!:center:0]]

I think between the 2 days we were at Todai, Vin probably ate a whole salmon’s worth of salmon sashimi. 😀 After dinner, full to bursting yet again, we drove back to the hotel where we said goodbye to Vincent. Vin and I were driving Lil back up to Vancouver the next morning, and Vincent was handing us off to Lil. We would spend a few days in Vancouver before flying home.

Just one picture of the three of us together:

[[image:pacnw114.jpg:Three Admins planning World Domination!:center:0]]

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