Rafe’s 6 Month Birthday

It is Adik’s half birthday! Yaya says, “But he’s still zero!!” While he’s not one yet, he’s already 1/2 year old, but apparently we haven’t taught Yaya fractions. 🙂

[[image:2012_0629_rafe16.jpg:Bubblicious drooly boy:center:0]]

Can you believe six months have gone by, because I certainly can’t! There is going to be a lot of pictures in this entry – so I warn you in advance!

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Adik is developing rapidly. He rolls like a champion and is starting to try lunging forward when on his tummy. He’s trying to crawl! He loves when we chase Yaya around the house and giggles and squeaks when he catches her. He is also now playing “ooo-chak” (peekaboo) himself. He holds a cloth over his face and whips it off and loves when we laugh with him. He loves anything with buttons (tv remote, letter computer, etc.), empty plastic water bottles, and all things Yaya. He’s also showing a lot of interest in books and especially in trying to eat them.

We had to move the “brand new car” (exersaucer) from the lowest setting to the middle setting. The boy is growing! He’s going to start climbing out of this thing before we know it! Adik does seem to be on a fast-moving curve. He just wants to be in the loop and in the action, keeping up with Yaya and everyone else. He loves being in public and seeing a lot of people, and he also loves to look at trees and leaves. He also recognizes that Lily is a real entity and loves to pet her. He will squeal and yell to try and get her attention when he sees her. It is really quite funny. We are still on a 2 pump-feed cycle, and he still downs 1-2 ounces of supplemental formula but he is a mostly breast-fed baby. He is still drooling a lot and putting hands (and feet!) in his mouth, but still has not cut any teeth.

It has definitely been a really fun month – he seems to be able to do something new every day! It’s quite amazing. Enough chatter – on to the pictures of how Adik spent his 6-month birthday. First some rolling around on the floor. 

[[image:2012_0629_rafe01.jpg:Good morning Papa and Morris the Hippo!:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0629_rafe02.jpg:Cuddles with Kak Yaya:center:0]]

Then on to the exersaucer / “brand new car”!

[[image:2012_0629_rafe03.jpg:I can stuff my fist in my mouth!:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0629_rafe04.jpg:Do you like my brand new car?:center:0]]

Yaya wanted to hold her brother.

[[image:2012_0629_rafe05.jpg:Wheee! Can I jump off?:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0629_rafe06.jpg:Playing on the owl bed:center:0]]

Note how easily he’s pulling on the hanging toys now! After a nursing and napping on Mama, it was time to hang out on the sofa with Papa and Yaya.

[[image:2012_0629_rafe07.jpg:Kak Yaya, what are you reading? Can I read too?:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0629_rafe08.jpg:Oooh! I love my cat book!:center:0]]

And time to play “ooo-chak!” (peekaboo). 



[[image:2012_0629_rafe11.jpg:Let’s play again, Papa!:center:0]]



After more nursing, he wasn’t settling down for another nap so he got to roll around on the green bed.


[[image:2012_0629_rafe15.jpg:Let’s play the tiger ball music:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0629_rafe17.jpg:Mama, can I drool on the camera?:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0629_rafe18.jpg:Cuddles with Yaya during a diaper change:center:0]]

And now, time for a milestone. Adik started his first solids on his 6-month birthday! Pureed baked sweet potato, here we come!

[[image:2012_0629_rafe19.jpg:Sweet potato for a sweet Adik:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0629_rafe20.jpg:What is this madness? Papa, rescue me!:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0629_rafe21.jpg:Yum! That is pretty good stuff!:center:0]]


On this first day, Adik took to the spoon quite well, but was not entirely sure what to do with the food once it was in his mouth. He only swallowed a fraction of it. But he had fun and all this eating exhausted him! He was ready to move upstairs with Mama. It gets hot downstairs in the office in the summer with the sun shining right in, so we go up to the bedroom where Adik naps and nurses while Mama continues to work. After work is completed and Adik has a nice nap, we go back downstairs to hang out. 

[[image:2012_0629_rafe23.jpg:Rock star baby and his acolyte:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0629_rafe24.jpg:Who shall I make this out to?:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0629_rafe25.jpg:Let’s play more ooo-chak!!:center:0]]

Some rolling around on the floor on the stage:

[[image:2012_0629_rafe26.jpg:Squeezing the little basketball:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0629_rafe27.jpg:Hey Kak Yaya, who are the Wonder Pets?:center:0]]

[[image:2012_0629_rafe28.jpg:Serious, in Papa’s arms:center:0]]

It was a wonderful day, and a wonderful month. Happy half birthday baby boy! We love you! And a joyful Adik closes out the entry:

[[image:2012_0629_rafe29.jpg:Come see me next month, ok??:center:0]]

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