Really All It’s Quacked Up To Be

So what’s one animal you can think of that’s not a maneater, can’t overrun the entire world and physically incapable of killing humans on this planet?

I’m thinking… ducks.

So it came to pass I started thinking of a silly RPG sourcebook which will be available for free download named The Apocalyptic Invasion of Flesh-eating Mutant Ducks RPG, which will employ West End Games‘ D6 game engine which was used for its old Star Wars RPG system.

Here’s an excerpt of what I have so far:

Everything happened in less than one day.

One minute everything was normal. Suddenly, in a veritable orgy of down and blood, a billion ducks turned on and attacked everything alive within their sights. It was an inconceivable massacre. Within 6 hours half of Earth’s population were overrun by quacking and pecking waterfowl and died horribly. At least a billion of these were devoured to the bone. Many called it the Day of Quacking Death.

Until today, no one knew what happened and how every species of duck developed unbelievable incredible supernatural powers and started eating humans (and whatever animal big or small that crossed their path).

No one also knows how many humans are left in the world. Those who survived are constantly on the run. There is no one above ten years old who hasn’t seen at least two close family member or friend swarmed and eaten by the mutant ducks.

All that’s certain is twilight of humanity might very well be upon us.

And here’s a sample of a duck in the bestiary chapter:

Blue Duck

Originally from New Zealand, this species of duck is a powerful swimmer but rarely flies. Its Māori name is “whio”. The blue duck used to be a rare and protected bird until the Day of Quacking Death where millions are seen spreading all over the world, like all the other species of ducks.

The male blue duck’s mutant power is to emit high-frequency ultrasonic whistle. Alone, these animals can only cause a mild headache in people. In a swarm however, the ducks are able to cause nosebleeds and unconsciousness. In extreme cases, a swarm of blue ducks can induce brain aneurysm in a prey, killing him or her instantly. Lone agitated blue ducks can also shriek and slam their prey with ultrasonic waves that can easily kill a human child.

Just like other species of ducks, blue ducks have a voracious appetite for human flesh and would swarm over their prey, devouring them to the bone.

Blue Duck

Hymenolaimus malacorhynchus
DEX 2D Bite attack 3D+2
PER 3D+2
STR 1D+2
Special abilities:
Bite damage: 2D+2
Constant ultrasonic emission: The first round within 10 meters of a swarm of more than 10 blue ducks, roll very easy stamina. Every round thereafter, increase the stamina difficulty by one level. Normal damage rules apply.
Ultrasonic shriek: This directed burst of sound energy from a single could shatter eardrums and burst blood vessels in humans. In extreme cases, a person could be killed by shock trauma to the internal organs. Damage code is 4D+2. Rate of attack: 1 per 2 combat rounds.

And we haven’t even started writing about the mallard super predator.

I’ve yet to put the swarm rules down on paper. Other ideas I have are all ducks are fireproof and flame retardant, and all their eggs can also be used as fragmentation grenades.

Is this an awesome RPG or what?

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Khairul Hisham J. is a tabletop RPG artist, writer, proofreader, translator, teacher, grad student and learner-in-general.

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