Return to Orange Beach – The Other Stuff

So now that we are done with the beach pictures and the pool pictures, here are some of the other fun pictures taken during our trip to Orange Beach.

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach56.jpg:Peanut buttery baby:center:0]]

* Mouse over the pictures for captions

One of the good things about vacation is the opportunity for all of us to sit and have breakfast together without the need to rush anywhere. It is always a fun time. The following is a compilation of photos taken at breakfast (on different days, obviously) in Orange Beach:

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach02.jpg:Adik loved to feed himself peanut butter from the single-serving peanut butter container:center:0]]

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach13.jpg:Yaya always helps Papa put sugar and cream in his coffee:center:0]]

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach14.jpg:The siblings are finding each other’s “bee-bo” (belly button):center:0]]

Adik learnt that Yaya does not want to eat peanut butter and starts to tease her with it:

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach24.jpg:Have some peanut butter, Yaya!:center:0]]

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach25.jpg:Yaya stays far away from the finger and sticks to circle toast:center:0]]

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach40.jpg:Peanut butter is yummy:center:0]]

One of the days we were there, we decided to hike the Backcountry Trail. It was too windy to enjoy the morning at the beach so we figured we would go hiking and then go out to lunch at Cosmo’s (our very favourite restaurant in Orange Beach):

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach26.jpg:Checking out the swing at the start of the trail:center:0]]

Also, check out the outfit Yaya chose for the walk. We told her perhaps the pink boots might not be the best option but what can you do with an intractable five-year-old’s wardrobe choices?

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach27.jpg:Beautiful walk (don’t forget the bug spray):center:0]]

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach28.jpg:My family and mother nature:center:0]]

Now don’t forget that we are in a swamp:

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach29.jpg:Got Gators?:center:0]]

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach30.jpg:Don’t feed the gators!:center:0]]

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach31.jpg:Papa and Adik:center:0]]

After a lovely walk, we turned around, walked back to our car and headed off to lunch:

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach32.jpg:Vin’s crawfish po’boy, to die for:center:0]]

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach33.jpg:My crawfish po’boy with a side of parmesan risotto:center:0]]

I need to learn to make that remoulade sauce. Oh my. I’m drooling just thinking of that sandwich! 🙂

Now for a couple of fun pictures in the room:

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach37.jpg:Adik shrieking happily on the chair:center:0]]

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach57.jpg:Yaya gets off the bed without taking her eyes off the tv:center:0]]

We had to wait after our beach/pool cycle one day for housekeeping to do their thing so we waited downstairs at the breakfast area.

[[image:2013_sep_orangebeach49.jpg:Tired but happy family:center:0]]

And that it is it. The end of our vacation. Already dreaming of our next one.

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