SCALLOP’s First Programme

And so it came to pass, a bunch of us teachers came together to form a team to do CSR for our department at the university. It took some time, but ultimately we came up with a group name: SCALLOP, short for Strategic Communication And Language Learning Outreach Programme.

Our First Thingamajig

Our inaugural site for our CSR programme was the secondary school Sekolah Menengah Sains Tuanku Syed Putra here in Kangar. We made arrangements with the teachers and administrators to have our event with the school’s Form 2 students.

SCALLOP LOGO with a seashell and pearl

SCALLOP logo made with Inkscape

On the morning of the first of October, our team gathered at SMSTSP and proceeded to greet the students, then we split into three huge groups for further things to do, such as ice breaking. Irfan was on site to help me with photography. The big event was Creating Your Own Island, where the students get to use their imagination to make up their own island. The groups also had to draw maps of their island then present the maps. There were lots of laughter and fun.

Check out the photos of the programme:

To Sum Up

It was quite a fun and educational event, not just for the participants, but also for us organisers. Although there were hiccups as we were organising and running the event, I think we learnt quite a bit for us to make subsequent SCALLOP events better and more fun!

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