Serenity Appreciation Entry

[[image:serenityposter.jpg:Serenity Movie Poster:left:0]]Once upon a time, Joss Whedon created a science fiction TV show called Firefly that had great characters, a fantastic millieux and a witty script. It got cancelled by Fox Network. Then its DVD sold faster than hotcakes. Fans wrote to revive the show. So, he wrestled the rights of the show from Fox and transferred it to Universal.

One thing led to another, last Friday saw the release of Serenity, the motion picture continuation of the TV series Firefly, was released to critical acclaim.

I can’t wait to watch this because I was also won over by Firefly when TV3 showed it last year, on Wednesday night 12.30 am… sometimes pre-empting it for several weeks for football, or pushing it even further to 1.30 am. But the bad news is there is not a trace of Serenity appearing in Malaysian theaters any time soon. Hopefully we’ll get to see it early 2006.

Here are some images of Malcolm Reynolds’ Firefly class cargo transport Serenity at various places in the TV series, beautifully rendered by Zoic Studios, who also did some of the visual effects of Battlestar Galactica.

[[image:ff_ariel1.jpg:Landing at Ariel:center:0]]
[[image:ff_ariel2.jpg:Leaving Ariel:center:0]]
[[image:ff_persephone1.jpg:Landing at Persephone:center:0]]
[[image:ff_persephone2.jpg:Shuttle docking at Persephone:center:0]]
[[image:ff_ezra1.jpg:Docking at Niska’s Station off Ezra:center:0]]
[[image:ff_paradiso1.jpg:Shadowing the train to Paradiso:center:0]]
[[image:ff_paradiso2.jpg:Breaking off from the train to Paradiso:center:0]]
[[image:ff_unknown1.jpg:Unification Day brawl – bird’s eye view:center:0]]
[[image:ff_unknown2.jpg:Unification Day brawl:center:0]]
[[image:ff_whitefall1.jpg:Atmo entry at Whitefall:center:0]]
[[image:ff_whitefall2.jpg:Taking off from Whitefall at sunset:center:0]]
[[image:ff_whitefall3.jpg:Leaving Whitefall atmo:center:0]]

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