Stunt KitKat

Since the arrival of Tiger Lily Belle (Lily, to those closest to her), Vin and I have hardly been able to take our eyes off of this little cutie. She sleeps on the bed with us sometimes, but normally on Vin’s side. We play with her and pet her, and enjoy her loving company.

She’s an amazing little creature! She rarely meows, unless she wants something. So she’s not a chatty katty (which makes doing conference calls from home really easy). She’s really careful with her claws and hasn’t so far preyed on the furniture (knock wood), she likes to come and curl up with us, she sleeps with such abandon that she can comfortably lie in the weirdest positions as long as parts of her are on one of us.

Vin and I are both crazy about her!

Plus she is a sucker for the bunny on the string. Check out her acrobatics here:


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