Superman: A Dick and Loving It

When you think of Superman, the first thing that comes to you mind is a virtuous, heroic, superbeing who strives to save innocent lives from disaster, and defeat the devious plots of super villians and invading aliens. But has a collection of images from early Superman comics (some not so early) of Superman being a dick. Not just an annoying dick, but a real self-centered and dangerous asshole, even to his closest friends. And not once or twice, but repeatedly.

For instance, can you imagine Lois Lane actually finally marrying him in the 90s after putting her through things like this dozens of times?

There must be an easier way of not wanting to get married.

Which, of course, would lead Lois to fabricate mind-bogglingly bizzare schemes in order to get Superman to notice her as shown thusly:
For God’s sake… deal with the devil??!? Haven’t she ever heard of counselors before?

Then of course things that makes the people of the early and mid 20th century laugh isn’t the same as the things that would make us laugh. On the flip side, things that wouldn’t make them laugh can be unintentionally hilarious to us…
… or embarassingly suggestive.

Again with Lois, which explains why he kept Lana Lang in the background for some time. The Superman – Lois – Lana relationship, I think, resembles a lot like the Archie – Veronica – Betty one. Only with more x-ray vision.

And for this cover Superman, although still being a dick, makes total sense of the situation.

And don’t get me started on how Superman treats poor Jimmy Olsen. And “Queen Kong” makes better sense that a “Female King Kong”, don’t you think?

To be fair, these covers are purposely shown without the context of the actual story behind them, which makes Superman look like a dick. But because there are so many opportunities for this to happen in, it makes you wonder if DC Comics had something against the poor dude back in the days.

Okay, I think we got space for one more image. A classic one, seen all over the net. Read the thought ballooons and think about what they’re saying carefully, people. Very carefully.

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