SWD6: Community Rejuvenation Jailbreak

Episode 01

Community Rejuvenation Jailbreak

Last night, I ran my 30th anniversary Star Wars RPG session, as in April 2019 is the 30 years to the month (can’t remember the date) of the first time I GMed my first game. I think. I don’t really recall the date. According to the note Atok wrote on the book, I received in late April. 30 years ago, after reading the rules, I corralled my first player: Sila. We played a simple scenario then, set on a space station orbiting Mon Calamari

30 years later, she returned to play via Skype whilst living on another continent. Also attending was Irfan (who’s been playing for some years now) and Alya (who’s playing for the first time). At this point little Rafe was an observer when he was in the vicinity.

We began a brand new campaign, which we hoped would continue over time…


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Dramatis Personae

  • Zhi Xra, Rodian Gunner and captain of the SoroSuub Luxury 3000 yacht Forgotten Knowledge – Sila
  • Elysadr Hawksedge, 15 year old Young Jedi – Alya
  • Ian Soryn, 14 year old Kid – Irfan

Arrival at Rodian Space


Rodia, from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Children of the Force” (Lucasfilm, 2009).

The SoroSuub Personal Luxury 3000 yacht Forgotten Knowledge dropped out of hyperspace off Rodia.

In the captain’s seat was Zhi Xra the Rodian gunner while young fugitive Jedi Elysadr Hawksedge the young Jedi was her co-pilot. Also helping them in the cockpit was the red astromech droid R2-D314159, obviously nicknamed Pi. The yacht was owned by a mysterious owner whom they have never met. They only received orders from the owner remotely.

Suddenly, the alarms went off indicating a security breach in the cargo bay down in the Forgotten Knowledge‘s lowest deck. Zhi and Elys headed down, leaving Pi to tend the cockpit. Down at Deck Four, they discovered many crates.  They had no idea what the crates contain as the ship belonged to their mysterious unknown employer, and their employer moved crates in and out of the ship at their leisure. They drew their blasters.

(With a successful Perception roll) Elys and Zhi were certain they heard something in one of the crates. On the count of three, Elys opened the lid of the crate while Zhi pointed her blaster at the open crate top.

Inside, there was a 14-year-old human boy with a wrist-mounted energy slingshot. He had a stun pellet drawn back and ready to loose. Zhi asked, “Human child! Who are you? Why are you hitching a ride? Where are your parents? How many other children are on my ship?”

“I’m on my own.” After they both lowered their weapons, the boy identified himself as Ian Soryn, from the planet Floria.

Star Wars RPG rulebook

My old first edition Star Wars RPG rulebook

Zhi offered Ian a meal, but as they headed back up to Deck Three, Pi began to chirp anxiously over the comlink. Zhi ran back up to the cockpit, with Elys and Ian in tow. An Imperator-class Star Destroyer, patrolling the orbit of Rodia, was hailing them: “Stand down and prepare to be boarded for a routine check.”

“Okay,” replied Zhi as she knew better than to say no to the Empire.

“What are we gonna do, guys?” asked Ian nervously.

“Well, we’re a perfectly legal– uh, well,” said Zhi, “I’m not the owner and I don’t know what the owner has in those crates below.”

“Oh, dear,” muttered Ian.

“Are you wanted?” Zhi asked Ian.

“No, not really.”

“Okay, here they come. If anyone needs to hide anything, now’s the time.”

Through the cockpit window, they saw that a Lambda-class T4a transport shuttle had been dropped from the Star Destroyer’s hangar bay and was making a beeline towards them. Before long, the ship docked with the top hatch of the Forgotten Knowledge.

After a series of uncomfortable bangs and dings from up top, two Imperial stormtroopers entered the cockpit, clad in white armour, and with E-11 blaster rifles drawn. “Identify yourself and your cargo!”

“I’m Captain Zhi Xra of the Forgotten Knowledge. We are legal and we are currently without passengers. My employers might have some crates in the cargo bay but we have nothing to hide.”

The lead trooper gestured at Elys, “Who’s she?”

“She’s my co-pilot.”

Elys displayed her pilot’s license at the second trooper who inspected it closely. The trooper said, “Her license checks out fine, sir.”

“Sir,” came a voice on their comlink. “There’s something down here in the cargo bay.”

“Please follow us,” the lead trooper ordered them. They all descended to Deck 4 where two other stormtroopers have opened all the crates, except one crate that appeared dark and ominous. The lead trooper said to Zhi, “Captain, please open this crate.”

Captain Xra however had no idea how to break the lock.

“If you don’t know what’s in the crate, we’re going to blast it open. I hope there’s nothing perishable in it.”

The stormtrooper aimed at the lock and fired a bolt that disintegrated it in a shower of sparks and plumes of smoke. He opened the crate, inside were three smaller boxes of meiloorun-flavoured ice cream.

“Hrrm,” Zhi said distastefully. “We Rodians prefer our ice cream meatier,”

“This was a waste of time,” the lead trooper complained softly. “Okay, you can go about your business.”

The troopers returned to their shuttle and headed back to their Star Destroyer.

Ian asked, “Can I have some of that ice cream?”

“Go for it, dude,” said Zhi.

Landing in Verdure City

Skype and the tabletop

Skype and the tabletop

Pi piloted the ship down to Rodia to the city of Verdure, which was built upon a giant mushroom. The mushroom looked colossal and impressive with buildings and streets built on its cap and stem. However, it also looked as if it was dying as they spotted parts of its edges were turning grey and brown, and crumbling off. According to their mission, they were supposed to meet Councilman Soom at the Verdure Greenery Hall.

The Knowledge landed on a pad.

“So,” Zhi looked at her uninvited guest. “Are you going to stay here and eat more ice cream? I can show you where the fresh kills are in the fridge and you can add them to your ice cream.”

“No, thank you.”

“Or you could follow me to the Greenery Hall.” Ian shrugged in agreement. “Elysadr, are you coming or are you staying?”

“I’m staying.”

Elys sat in the cockpit minding the ship while the other two headed for Greenery Hall.

Greenery Hall was a large tall wooden building which was constructed at the northern edge of the mushroom, overlooking the misty swamps several hundred metres below them. There were dozens of Rodians in the yard of the hall performing a range of artistic activities, such as painting, sculpting and directing theatre plays.

An elderly grey-skinned Rodia asked them, “Where are you headed?”

“We’re here to meet Councilman Soom,” replied Zhi.

“Councilman Soom is in the atrium, though the front entrance.”

Zhi took lead and walked up the steps to the tall entrance. As she walked in with Ian following here, there was a violent quake that almost knocked them off their feet. A huge crack opened up between Zhi and Ian along the entrance threshold. A small section of the mushroom cap was crumbling away and taking Greenery Hall with it!

She saw a distinguished looking Rodian in venerable-looking robes several metres before her. She reached out to grab him (succeeding a Dexterity check with a roll of 12 over a difficulty of 10) and their suckered fingertips found each other.

Just as the building was about to fall into the depths below, she attempted to jump back toward Ian, but she has no footing. Ian grabbed Zhi with one are with his other arm holding on to a piece of the building still anchored to the mushroom.

The entire Greenery Hall and the part of the mushroom cap below it fell a long way down into the swamps below.

Then, he hauled both Zhi and Soom up to solid ground, as it were.

“Thank you for saving me. Who are you?”

“Zhi Xra.”

“Zhi Xra? I had been waiting for you! Come, we have to talk.”

Skulduggery at the Landing Pad

Irfan and Abah

The gamemaster and Ian Soryn of Floria.

Meanwhile, back at the Forgotten Knowledge,  Elys was looking at a scope (15 over 12 success on a Perception check) when she saw a hooded figure walking towards the ship. It skulked suspiciously, creeping towards the ramp on the side of the ship.

Elys hit the button on the console. The ramp retracted and the hatch slid shut. Elys noticed that the figure was a brown-skinned Rodian with deep red eyes. She quickly fled off the pad and disappeared into the crowd.

Elsewhere, at an outdoors cafe, Councilman Soom was having a meeting with Zhi and Ian, flanked by three city guards in light armour. The councilman offered graciously, “Do you want some tea, Captain?”

“Yes, thanks.”

“Do you want some tea, little girl?”

“No, thank you. And actually I’m a boy.”

“I can’t tell between these humans. Anyway, I was told that you were coming to save us.”

“To save you? How? What’s going on? I don’t understand!” Zhi was confused.

“Our city is dying. This mushroom is the last of its kind. We cannot afford to move everyone out of here. According to our scientists that in three days the mushroom will crumble to dust. Everyone still in the city will die.”

“I mean we can only take 10 people out at a time…”

“We need a botanist. There is only one botanist who has the knowledge to restore life to a Rodian colossus mushroom: an Ithorian named Gogu Bawm. Unfortunately, our information tells us that Bawn has disappeared. And we’ve discovered that only one person knows where Gogu Bawm is: Maz Kanata, an entrepreneur on Takodana. She has her own castle there where she runs an eatery for freighter crews.”

The Rodian councilman nodded and one of the City Guardsmen dropped a small box on the table. Inside are three purple-coloured, melon-sized fruits that resembled oversized grapes with peculiar pockmarks on them.

Soom continued, “You have to bring her this crate of tsishaberries. They are most delicious. Each of these costs 5,000 credits. Bring this to her and she will tell you where Gogu Bawm is.”

Before they leave Soom gave them 500 credits in advance and promise them another thousand when they return with Bawm.

“The hunt is on!” exclaimed Zhi, as the duo from the Forgotten Knowledge got up and headed back to the landing pad. Councilman Soom also stood and raised his hand in a reverent gesture of farewell. His face was grim. He said loudly, “May your journey be uninterrupted and beneficial to all.”

Then poop from a passing Rodian bird fell on his shoulder.

At the landing pad, they both noticed that the Forgotten Knowledge‘s ramp was retracted and the hatch was shut tight. “Elys! Open the door!”

Elys said, “There were some issues.”

“What happened? Why did you close the door?”

“Someone tried to sneak aboard.”

When Elys described the interloper, Zhi Xra realised that it could only have been Soka Xra, her sister, who felt a great deal of animosity towards Zhi. She took it personally that Zhi had left their clan and rejected their hunting way of life, And now Soka wanted to hunt Zhi Xra to restore the clan’s honour.

Zhi told the crew this as the ramp extended down. “Soka blames me for everything that happened to the clan since I left. It’s not my fault. I’m just an innocent captain of this space yacht!”

Ian headed up the ramp first, but then as Captain Xra – red blaster bolt streaked past her head and hit the side of the ship. There was a burst of sparks on the hull where it struck, causing Ian to turn and exclaim, “WHOA! What the-?”

Zhi drew her blaster and peered into the distance as seconds passed by. Thankfully, nothing else happened. She retreated into the ship and scanned the surroundings from the cockpit. Her hands flew across the sensor console frenetically, but it was to no avail. She was unable to determine where the bolt had come from.

“Do you think that was your sister,” asked Ian, disappointed that all the ice cream had melted because he had left it outside.

The yacht took off and headed up into space. Soon, the Forgotten Knowledge made the jump into hyperspace on its way to Takodana.

Meanwhile, on another pad in Verdure, a female, brown-skinned Rodian in an old Z-95 Headhunter fighter cockpit watched the Forgotten Knowledge vaulting up through the atmosphere and disappear into space. The pilot closed the canopy. She then took off and began to tail the yacht.

Meeting at the Castle


Takodana, from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Lucasfilm, 2015)

An hour later, the Forgotten Knowledge dropped out of hyperspace and roared in towards Takodana. At the time, Zhi was having a snack, Elys was reading a book about Jedi and Ian was sharpening his father’s Fauna Knife, a family heirloom.

Pi landed the yacht on a landing field beside a huge lake near other ships surrounded by a temperate forest. A path led from the landing field to a great stone castle a kilometre away. Zhi locked up the ship and brought one tsishaberry with them towards Maz’s castle.

The huge stone castle doors opened and a large furry creature with an eyepatch lumbered out. Elys nimbly slipped in as the doors. The others quickly ran in successfully before the doors slammed shut. They realised that there had been music only after it had stopped abruptly upon their entrance. Everyone in the large room had turned to look at them. Zhi announced, “We’re looking for Maz Kanata.”

“WHO’S ASKING?” It was a waist-high alien with orange skin and wore very thick eyeglasses. “Who’s looking for me?”

“I’m Zhi Xra. I’m looking for Maz Kanata to help the city of Verdure on Rodia.”

“How can I help the city of Verdure? I only run this humble establishment.”

“Are you Maz Kanata?”

“Depends on what you have for Maz Kanata.”

“I’m told Maz Kanata is looking for tsishaberries.”

“You brought tsishaberries?”

“How do I know you’re Maz Kanata?”

“Because I am Maz Kanata.”

“But how do I know that you are Maz Kanata?”

Maz Kanata

Maz Kanata, from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Lucasfilm, 2015).

Without missing a beat, the small alien turned and addressed the entire room, asking,”WHO AM I?”

Dozens of various humans, non-humans and droids roared in unison, “MAZ KANATA!”

“You were saying something about tsishaberries?”

“I have one with me and there are two more on my ship for you if you can tell me where Gogu Bawm is.” Zhi produced the purple fruit from her oversized belt pouch.

“Gogu Bawm?” Maz said quizzically, deftly grabbing the tsishaberry. “What do you need with such a distinguished botanist?”

Her hands were a blur. The fruit disappeared into thin air and a datacard appeared in its stead. Maz gave the card to Zhi. “This is where you can find Gogu Bawm. I hope whatever he can help you with is worth getting him out. So, the other two tsishaberries?”

“Guys?” Elys and Ian nodded, then started to head back to the Forgotten Knowledge.

Skirmish on Takodana

As they approached the ship through the woods, Elys and Ian spotted several figures waiting near it. It was a brown-skinned Rodian wearing a hood and cloak, flanked by a pair of tall mean looking IG-RM enforcer droids. They each carried a blaster pistol.

IG-RM enforcer droids

IG-RM enforcer droids, from Star Wars: Rebels, “Brothers of the Broken Horn” (Lucasfilm, 2015).

Ian sneaked up to within 30 metres of one droid and fired his wrist energy slingshot. Blue lightning bolts and sparks erupted. The droid fell in a heap, its circuits fried. Soka Xra yelled, “There he is! Get him!”

Soka and her droid rushed after Ian who retreated into the forest. Then Elys ran after them behind them, in an attempt to save her new friend.

Ian climbed up a tree when he was out of sight from his pursuers. But (with a Climbing skill failure of only 7/10) he ascended too slow and was in full view of his pursuers. The duo stopped. Soka ordered the droid, “Shoot him!”

Elys burst through the foliage behind them. She had her blaster out, aimed and shot at the droid. The bolt burrowed into the back of the droid, causing it to bloom with sparks. They both turned to face Elys. Elys retreated from the attacker and the droid levelled its blaster at her. Ian, in full view of the happenings below, loosed another energy pellet at the second droid.

The droid siezed violently, lighting lancing out from its joints and fell into a bunch of ferns.

The Rodian looked to the left and to the right, then fled into the foliage.

Ian leapt down from the tree then, he and Elys ran towards their yacht. Soon, they were heading back to Maz’s castle with the other two tsishaberries. They were out of breath when they returned to Zhi in the castle. Zhi asked, “What’s going on?”

“Long story short: your sister kinda bumped into us,” reported Ian.

Zhi balked, “My sister? She’s here?”

They handed the remaining berries to Maz Kanata who sat waiting for them in an alcove along with three cloaked figures. Maz gave the three berries to the three individuals. Without a word, they stood up, nodded at Maz and strode out of the castle. Zhi noticed that under their heavy robes, the trio wore the uniform of Alliance Intelligence.

Why was the Rebel Alliance here?

“Tread carefully,” Maz Kanata told Zhi, Elys and Ian after the rebels had left. “You must find a way to get to Gogu Bawm safely. Now go!”

“Okay,” said Zhi. “Thank you.”

Back on the Forgotten Knowledge, Maz slid the data card into a slot. Gogu Bawm was being held in cell 202 in detention block AA3 of an Imperial Ubiqtorate station orbiting the planet Mon Cala. The datacard also provided them the clearance codes to allow them to land at the space station.


 Shenanigans near Mon Cala

Swiftly, they enacted a plan to infiltrate the Imperial Ubiqtorate station.

Pi sliced into the local bounty hunter guild database, allowing her to plant a bounty order on Ian. His cover story was that he had a 300-credit bounty on his head for blowing up a vegan restaurant on Tatooine. Zhi and Elys would take him to the station to claim the bounty on Ian, and upon entrance to the station, they would locate and rescue Gogu Bawm.

Not long after, the ship reverted back to realspace near Mon Cala.

The Ubiqtorate station was cylindrical and a couple of hundred meters tall, growing in diameter the higher up its vertical axis like an ice cream cone. Upon its external surface, Zhi, Elys and Ian spotted scores of pylons and a number of openings for ships to land.

The comlink buzzed, saying, “Please state your business here.”

“We’re here to deliver a bounty on… uh, Krableedu!” She transmitted the clearance code.

“You have Krableedu on your ship? This is the cheapest bounty that we have! You may land at Docking Bay 7.”

Pi headed into and landed at the docking bay. A bunch of stormtroopers came to take “Krableedu” away, but Zhi forbade it as she was a Rodian, she said, and she would deliver her quarry to the very end.

(One successful Con roll with a Force Point and) Zhi and Elys were allowed to take Ian (as Krableedu) down to the detention block, escorted by three armoured stormtroopers. In the meantime, Pi stayed aboard the ship.

They crossed the large empty space of the landing bay and entered the elevator at the inner bulkhead. The door opened and they all entered the lift cab. When the doors closed, Zhi considered her options, then implemented the plan they had devised before meeting the stormtroopers.

Elys slowly drew her blaster, set it to stun and fired twice. Caught with their figurative pants down, two troopers glowed blue for a moment and fell. Zhi took down the third with a stun bolt, who fell forward, then backwards, then was out cold on the floor. They stole and wore the troopers’ armour, then stuffed the unconscious soldiers in a crawlspace under the lift floor plates. Just as the last piece of the armour snapped into place, the elevator stopped moving.

The door slid open and, lo and behold, Tthere was an Imperial Intelligence officer standing outside. He nodded at Zhi who was at the forefront, “Trooper.”

They silently acknowledged the officer and walked out of the elevator. A couple of heartbeats later, the officer barked at them, “Trooper!” The trio stopped, their blood froze. The man asked, “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

Zhi turned around and gasped, “I resent that!” However, because a stormtrooper helmet was not designed to accommodate the Rodian snout, the voice sounded comically nasal.

“Is there something wrong with you, trooper?”

Zhi thought quickly and said, “I may be a little bit ill.” (She rolled 18/12 in a Con check.) The officer stepped closer to Zhi, sized her up and down, and then said, “Carry on, trooper.” A second later, he disappeared into the elevator.

Zhi requested over their secure comlink channel that Pi slice into the station’s computer systems to find the shortest route to detention block AA3. However, Pi was unable to oblige as the station network was air-gapped from the Forgotten Knowledge‘s systems.

Ian (successfully rolling a 16/15 Computer Programming and Repair check) opened up a panel on a console and was able to crack the station’s network security where he discovered the location of the station’s computer room. The computer room controlled the station’s vital systems, including security and life support.

Ian, Elys and Zhi headed there promptly. The empty room was filled with a host of unmanned consoles, humming computer servers and cooling units. It was fifty metres to the other end of the room. Suddenly an alarm klaxon began to wail. A voice boomed, “INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!”

Had they been noticed?

Ian headed for one of the eight-panel mushroom-like computer consoles in the room and queried the security systems. Beside him, Zhi spotted a live security monitor. It displayed an A-wing fighter located in a launch bay somewhere else on the station.

A young woman – clad in dark combat fatigues, grey flak armour, arm greaves and shin guards with a long, slender custom blaster rifle – was climbing into the A-wing’s cockpit while laying down fire off-screen, presumably at Imperial troops at the launch bay’s entrance. On another screen, Zhi saw a squad of stormtroopers was outside the launch bay and prepared to storm it.

Zhi made a decision and ordered, “Close that door, Ian.”

“On it!” Ian flipped several selectors and thumbed a button. Zhi saw the blast doors slam shut and locked itself. The troopers struggled to reopen it.

The young woman closed and sealed the A-wing’s canopy. A moment later, the brand new fighter had launched out of the station and into Mon Cala orbit.

“Prepare to launch TIE fighters in pursuit,” came a security announcement. Ian requested the data and the screen indicated that 12 TIEs were about to be launched to intercept the stolen A-wing.

“Can we stop the launch?” Zhi wondered out loud.

“Yes,” Ian muttered laconically. “Let’s try that.” Remotely, Ian accessed the TIE fighter bay systems and locked down their docking clamps. The Imperial fighters were not leaving the station immediately.

Zhi switched to external scopes. The screen showed one TIE fighter already out on patrol streaking into view to engage the stolen A-wing. The A-wing sensors must have warned her pilot of the incoming TIE fighter. The TIE closed in and fired its cannons. The A-wing juked to avoid being hit.

Suddenly, the stolen fighter activated its braking thrusters. The enemy fighter swooped past and in an instant was in the A-Wing’s cross-hairs. Red bolts from the fleeing ship tore the TIE fighter into a ball of fiery debris.

The security console alerted Zhi, Elys and Ian of the launch of a full flight of TIE fighters from the station, but the fleeing pilot’s hyperspace calculations had been complete, and the A-Wing safely jumped into hyperspace.

“Okay, now can we find that guy? They’re going to get suspicious why their computer systems are fighting against them.”

“Let’s turn off all the security monitors and unlock all the cells in block AA-3.”

Ian was unable to disable the security system, but the cell bay doors had been remotely unlocked and opened. When they arrived there, they saw prisoners had already walked out of their cells looking baffled. An Ithorian was one of them.

“Gogu Bawm,” they approached the hammerhead alien. “We’re here to rescue you.”

“Is this a trick?” the Ithorian said with both lateral mouths. Zhi removed her helmet to free her sore snout and said, “Do I look like a stormtrooper?”

“Very well,” Bawm declared. “But only if we take everyone here with us.”

“What?” blurted Ian softly. He counted six others, including a Duros and a Wookiee.

“If you’re an enemy of the Empire, you’re fine!” Zhi exclaimed. “Let’s go.”

(Sila asked if anyone was good with computers? I requested she roll 5 or 6 with a 1D6 for a positive result. However, she rolled a 3, so none of the prisoners had good Computer Programming and Repair skills.)

Zhi led the party out of the detention block and safely got them past patrols and back to the elevator. When the elevator doors slid open at the Forgotten Knowledge‘s docking bay, they realised that their yacht – with Pi trapped within – had been surrounded by six stormtroopers.

Zhi aimed the E-11 blaster and fired off a shot, injuring one trooper. The others spun and in unison fired a volley of blaster bolts at the Knowledge‘s crew and the escaped prisoners. They deftly evaded the deadly energy blasts as they closed in on the Imperials. But Bawm grunted in pain as he as struck on the shoulder (with a Damage of 24.)

Taking point, Zhi fired twice at the troops. easier now that they were closer. The injured trooper was hit a second time (with a Damage of 12) and fell incapacitated. The second was struck on his hip. He still stood, though injured and in pain.

Ian thought of tending to Bawm’s injury with his medpac but instead shot at an enemy. His energy slingshot projectile glanced off the stormtrooper’s armour. Elys picked off another trooper with her E-11 (with a Blaster skill roll of 18 and a Damage 16) and hit his upper arm, wounding him.

Suddenly, return fire from the troops struck both Bawm and Elys, and they fell with blaster wounds on their torso. Zhi was distressed at this development as the five remaining stormtroopers prepared to fire a barrage at them.

“Pi!” yelled Zhi into the comlink. “Blast them!”

The hidden blaster cannon, which was undetected by weapon scans, dropped from beneath the Forgotten Knowledge‘s hull. It opened up, firing again and again, razing the deck and causing fiery explosions that sent troops flying all over the place. The yacht floated up on its repulsorlifts and then turned towards the Zhi and her company. The ramp swung down and the uninjured prisoners quickly helped carry Bawm into the Forgotten Knowledge while Zhi and Ian carried Elys.

They soared out of the landing bay and into space.

Flak cannons opened up at them and a green bolt slammed into the Knowledge‘s shields harmlessly, knocking them about violently. Zhi gunned the throttle open as another barrage erupted around them, this time harmlessly.

Just as they were about to exceed the range of the station’s cannons, two gigantic Imperial Star Destroyers drop out of hyperspace.

Zhi was worried because if the capital ships fired their anti-fighter guns, it would be a matter of time before the storm of energy bolts punched through their shields and destroyed the Forgotten Knowledge.

Zhi then calmed herself. She allowed the serenity to ignite her instincts, and then felt an unseen energy, a Force, flow through her. (Spending a Force Point, she rolls her Astrogation skill of 4D+2 with a difficulty of 15. The result is 32.) The Force helped Zhi to smoothly enter the proper coordinates into the navicomputer. She pulled on the lever and the Forgotten Knowledge tore off into the safety of hyperspace.

Epilogue on Rodia

On Rodia, Elys and Bawm spent a day in a bacta tank recuperating from her injury. After Elys was released from the hospital, they were paid 10,000 credits instead of 5,000 by Councilman Soom for their services. 3,000 credits went to Captain Zhi Xra, Elysadr Hawksedge and Ian Soryn each, while 1,000 was given to Pi. Meanwhile, Bawm thanked them for freeing him from the Imperials and began his work to rejuvenate the Rodian colossus mushroom upon which Verdure was built.

A day later, after they all had recuperated fully, the Forgotten Knowledge flew away from Verdure and out of Rodia’s atmosphere.

“We’ll get my sister another day,” Zhi mused.

Then, Ian nervously asked, “Hey. Can I stick around with you guys?”

“Sure!” Zhi shrugged. Immediately, Elys nodded in agreement.

Soon, the yacht jumped into hyperspace toward new adventures.

Character sheets

Character sheets


  • Sila’s first Star Wars RPG session after 20 years. The last time we played was 1999. I keep records.
  • Alya’s first Star Wars RPG session ever!
  • This was my 30th anniversary as a Star Wars RPG game master, to the month if not to the day.
  • This session also crossed over with the first Star Wars RPG session I even ran with Sila back in 1989.
  • I did an audio recording of the session, so most of the lines spoken were written pretty much as spoken during the game.
  • Unanswered question: Who was the owner of the Forbidden Knowledge?
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