Genesys RPG Core rule book

Genesys Core Rule Book

I saw on Facebook that there was a sale going on back in KL. So I asked for Ivan for help in purchasing and shipping over the Genesys core rule book. Because of my experience in running Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG, I think there would be no problems running this system. Although the symbols on the Narrative Dice are different from Star Wars, the mechanics are more or less similar. However, as I do not have the official Genesys dice yet, I could use the Star Wars dice as a substitute. Genesys, like games such as Savage Worlds and Mini Six, is a universal setting system where gamemasters could adapt any setting, fictional or historical, and any genre to run for their players. Although the basic dice pool rules are the same, there are some differences in the general rules between Star Wars and Genesys. For example, instead […]

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