Toku-Taka Togg

Another F-Sharp Bell

On Twitter, Calamity Jon Morris wanted to see more designs of alien Green Lantern Corpsmen, so I thought why not create another visually blind Lantern of the F-Sharp Bell Corps. Like Rot Lop Fan, this original alien named Toku-Taka Togg of Space Sector 0073, has no sense of sight nor the concept of light and colours.

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The Many Green Lanterns of the Trailer

The official trailer for next year’s Green Lantern movie starring Deadpool is out. There are quite a number of Green Lanterns in the trailer. [[image:green-lantern-trailer01.jpg:WHAT YA LOOKIN AT, POOZER!:center:0]] Kilowog! [[image:green-lantern-trailer02.jpg:Amon Sur, you’re a jackass:center:0]] Abin Sur! [[image:green-lantern-trailer03.jpg:But where’s Qward?:center:0]] Tomar-Re and the Oan central power battery! [[image:green-lantern-trailer04.jpg:Green Lantern of Space Sector 1417:center:0]] Sinestro! [[image:green-lantern-trailer05.jpg:Highball:center:0]]  and of course, Hal Jordan. Yeah, I just wanted to post pictures of the live-action corpsmen on the blog, is all. Too bad there’s no Mogo and Bzzd.

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[[image:dc-guy.jpg:One punch?:center:0]] Who needs a proper bed when you can create one from your power ring? Guy is currently assigned to the planet Oa in Space Sector 0. He also runs a bar and restaurant there where all the ringslingers hang out or go for a meal. He’s also from Baltimore, so I wonder if he liked watching The Wire on TV. For a larger image, click here.

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[[image:dc-john.jpg:Semper Fi:center:0]] Here’s Hal’s partner John. He’s an architect and a former U.S. Marine. Now he spends time ringslinging and patrolling Space Sector 2814 looking for and putting down perps. For a larger image, click here.

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[[image:dc-hal.jpg:Martin Jordan’s kid:center:0]]  Hal here is a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft. Somehow he has plenty of spare time from his day job to moonlight as an officer of the Green Lantern Corps, assigned to Space Sector 2814 with his partner John. Here he is wearing his green power ring in flight looking not at all like Ryan Reynolds. Click here to view or download a larger version of the image.

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Sector 2814 & Sector 674

The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father

Roll call for the members of Green Lantern Corps that appeared in the pre-credits teaser of the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode “Day of the Dark Knight!” I’ll bet Green Lanterns Bzzd (a tiny fly-like alien), Leezle Pon (a super-intelligent smallpox virus) and Dkrtzy RRR (a sapient abstract mathematical formula) are also present but invisible to the naked eye in the scene. 🙂 Notes: Droxelle – I’m not certain if that’s her. RRU-9-2 – At first I thought it was Stel of Sector 3009, but this robotic GL has larger shoulder pauldrons and the U-shaped recess behind the Corps emblem on his chest. There are also a bunch of other GLs in the background that I couldn’t identify. Bonus point: Kilowog calls someone “Poozer”.

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Legion of Three Worlds

I’ve always been a Legion fanboy, having first read the Legion of Super-Heroes back in the late 70s-early 80s. Having started relatively late, all that came before was compressed and presented to me by the Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes mini-series. After writing last year’s Green Lantern Corps epic The Sinestro Corps War, Geoff Johns is back with veteran artist George Perez with something that knocked me unconscious for a minute… Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. Here’s a tidbit from the interview at Newsarama: Newsarama: Let’s just start up front and say what people are probably thinking, Geoff. Three Legions! When someone starts reading Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, is there anything they have to read first? Maybe they should read your Action Comics story that included the Legion of Super-Heroes? Or study up on Legion history? Geoff Johns: If you want, sure, but you don’t have […]

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Corpsman of the Cybertron Sector

Green Lantern Corps – Roll Out!

You know that one of the lifeforms in the universe that most deserve the Green Lantern Corps power ring is the guy depicted on the left. He has no self-doubt. He has no quantifiable fear. The only thing he’ll pause to is to see if an upcoming battle will have unacceptable collateral damage. But if the collateral damage is acceptable, any enemies (Sinestro Corps, I’m looking at you) will have a Lantern-powered energon sword stabbed at their faces. Click on the thumbnail to see the full version. Click here to see a bigger version at deviantArt.

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