The Many Green Lanterns of the Trailer

The official trailer for next year’s Green Lantern movie starring Deadpool is out. There are quite a number of Green Lanterns in the trailer.

[[image:green-lantern-trailer01.jpg:WHAT YA LOOKIN AT, POOZER!:center:0]]


[[image:green-lantern-trailer02.jpg:Amon Sur, you’re a jackass:center:0]]

Abin Sur!

[[image:green-lantern-trailer03.jpg:But where’s Qward?:center:0]]

Tomar-Re and the Oan central power battery!

[[image:green-lantern-trailer04.jpg:Green Lantern of Space Sector 1417:center:0]]



and of course, Hal Jordan.

Yeah, I just wanted to post pictures of the live-action corpsmen on the blog, is all. Too bad there’s no Mogo and Bzzd.

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