Final artwork

Painting Exercise

Irfan asked me for some training in watercolours and poster colours. He had already pencilled the artwork in school and he wanted to see me paint it with poster colours. I showed him how to block the colours and he tried it out himself, starting with the sky. Then, I did some more and he did some more. I told him how to create soft textures with paint washes and how to create rough texture with thick paints. We used a variety of brushes. Additionally I showed him how to use the extra greens, yellows and blues to mix new colours. We did not waste a drop of paint in the palette. Ultimately we came up with the painting below: Good luck for your art paper in your SPM examination, Irfan!

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Hokusai Tarnungshaut grayscale

In My Garden, In The Shade

My player character in Eclipse Phase is named Hokusai Tarnungshaut. He is an octopus. Specifically, he is a North Pacific Giant Octopus with an uplifted human-like intelligence. He comes with the regular eight arm, a beak and a camouflage skin. He was uplifted by a scientist in a hypercorp during the fall. The hypercorp was destroyed but Doctor Kyle Hoo the scientist took Hokusai away and taught him about the world. The scientist also used his resources to fit a whole bunch of cyberware – including a basic mesh insert, deadly cyberclaws and a cortical stack – in Hokusai. Because the body of the octopus lives only as long as two years, the scientist have been cloning his body and resleeving him in a fresh cloned body every couple of years. Over the years, he’s come to appreciate the arts, specifically drawing and painting. One day, he was invited to […]

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