Beside the house is a school

Moving Day Doesn’t Happen Every Day

After months of planning (and years of pre-planning, looking for a house) we finally moved yesterday. Thanks to Ain’s effort in looking for and finding a house that we could rent affordably, is comfortable and convenient for Irfan grandparents to move about and use the bathroom. The last time we moved was eight years ago. We have more stuff this time around. Because at the old house, there was a built-in bookcase, there would be less shelves for us to bring our books over. So I took my fair share of books to my office. This is the first time we live in a bungalow. Here’s hoping for a more peaceful life here.

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A Second Move

Last December we moved 500 hundred kilometres to new house. This week a year later, we moved again but this time it was only about 2 klicks down the road. It was gratifying that we did not need to cross state lines for the move. Thanks to some friends, before I went to my course in Kuala Lumpur we secured a house at a residential estate right beside Irfan’s school. We had scoped this area out for months to no avail, until now. Our previous house was nice and comfortable, and the landlord was a great person. We were surrounded by greens there, but I still hoped for a house where Irfan could actually walk to school. Our former landlord helped with the move by introducing us to some movers. Most of my stuff are still in moving boxes for over a year because we had to place to unpack […]

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