Moving Day Doesn’t Happen Every Day

After months of planning (and years of pre-planning, looking for a house) we finally moved yesterday. Thanks to Ain’s effort in looking for and finding a house that we could rent affordably, is comfortable and convenient for Irfan grandparents to move about and use the bathroom. The last time we moved was eight years ago. We have more stuff this time around. Because at the old house, there was a built-in bookcase, there would be less shelves for us to bring our books over. So I took my fair share of books to my office.

Irfan as doing logistics work

Standing by with the cargo

The personnel were also paid to disassemble and reassemble stuff

Transpo has arrived

Standing by to receive cargo

At the new house

Beside the house is a school

Irfan bringing in stuff from the car

There are a lot of cargo

The living room

We need to unpack and fast

The kitchen

Will the TV work?

Living room on the first night

This is the first time we live in a bungalow. Here’s hoping for a more peaceful life here.

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