One hundred art cards

Wherefore Art Thou, Art Card?

I am so excited to receive this package today. It is something I ordered from Shopee. I have been looking for this in million print shops here in town. None appear to have them in stock any more. I am a proud owner of 100 pieces of A4-sized, 260 gsm-thick, white art card. This is because I had been trying and failing to print out my paper miniatures. I also found that the only place that I definitely knew stocked art card had folded* (or moved). In short, I am so happy. *No pun intended.

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Away Team Alpha

Star Trek Adventures RPG Papermini Generator

I have known Wayne “Scarecrow” Peters since the days of the Star Wars Online Journal for which I was a web layout designer and an illustrator back in the early 2000s. I have kept in touch with him on various social media platforms over the years. I discovered last year that Wayne had created an online paper miniatures generator for the Star Trek Adventures RPG! So I made a bunch of paperminis from it. The generator allows you to design your own characters for Star Trek Adventures. I printed out a bunch of Starfleet personnel in the Deep Space Nice-era uniforms. I plan on running something circa the year 2372 or thereabouts. Wayne’s generator provides the option to create characters of various genders, species (still no Horta though), era-based uniform (even Star Trek: Discovery uniforms) and the division colours of the respective uniform designs. Also, one can also customise the […]

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