Raised on DnD with IKOM

Podcast Guest on Raised on DnD

Recently, Nick Cardarelli invited me to be a guest on his podcast, Raised on DnD! The podcast features those who plays tabletop role-playing games with children at home and students in class. Because I have both run RPG sessions at home for Irfan for 10 years and in classes for students to help them acquire English language skills, I had a thing or two to say about the topic. Aside: I am sad that I am unable to run games for students during the quarantine era of 2020-2021. It would be much more engaging for them to look and speak to each other, and to roll the dice on the table. Thanks to Nick for inviting me as a guest. I now join a list of amazing RPG personalities in the series, from Luke Gygax to Chris Pramas. Hopefully I have even more things to talk about if I do […]

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RPGA Film Studies cover

A Podcast Guest at RPGA Film Studies

Yesterday, Kalum from The Rolistes Podcast released an episode of RPGA Film Studies. Kalum’s guests this episode were Senda Linaugh of She’s A Super Geek Podcast and I! We discuss The NeverEnding Story, the 1984 film directed by Wolfgang Petersen. After talking (and laughing) about the movie, we also discuss RPG systems that would be perfect to adapt for The NeverEnding Story. Finally we also exchange stories and tips on how to run RPG sessions for little kids. I also talk a bit about running games for Irfan. Click on the image below to go to the episode podcast. The episode length is 1:06:03. Note: The episode was recorded months and months before Stranger Things season 3 made this the talk of the town again.

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Asians Represent!

Interview at Asians Represent!

Late last month, I did an interview with Agatha Cheng and Daniel Kwan. It was for their podcast, Asians Represent!  over at One Shot Podcast. The episode was released a couple of weeks ago. In the show, I talk about the benefits of using tabletop RPGs to teach students English here in Malaysia. Also, how RPGs can be indirectly used to inspire learning of history and culture. I also talk a bit about my artwork and Patreon. I finally listened to the whole episode during work commute a few days ago. If you thought I sounded sick on the show, it is because I was. I was suffering a bad sinus infection during the recording, but at the time I did not think anything of it. Listeners have been kind, telling me I was good in it. But, wow, I could definitely hear myself being woozy and not very coherent […]

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Flame-rumped kido

The Kido Watcher’s Guide to Bavva

Dice For Brains is an amazing Star Wars RPG actual play podcast, gamemastered by Ross Rockafellow using Fantasy Flight Games’ Force and Destiny rules. What makes the podcast stand out from other actual play podcasts is threefold: it is recorded well, crisp and clear voices of the players with hardly any disruptive external noises. Secondly, it sounds like the games have been edited professionally which presents the action very clearly to the listeners. Finally, the gameplay is extremely story-oriented whereby plot points AND dice result interpretations are sometimes repeated to ensure listeners do not get lost in the story. The players, like the professional actors they are, annunciate very clearly and speak out loud the action they are about to do and periodically what their player characters think of. This makes for an extremely dramatic actual play record of the game sessions being played, which are also enhanced by original music […]

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The Claws of a Bugbear

Monsters of the Shattered World Podcast, Season 2

In the début season of Monsters of the Shattered World, an imaginative fantasy podcast that features the story of an adventuring party produced by Brent Newhall, I was commissioned to illustrate two out of the five episodes that were made. The second season, however, I was tasked with completing all seven episodes of the podcasts. Here are some of the illustrations I drew for season two. To listen to each episode, click on the link above to download them for free at Troll in the Corner, or obtain them from iTunes here. Click here to view artwork from the first episode of the first season.

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Sahuagin attack at Teluk Batik?

Some Sordid Sampling of Sahuagin

I’ve illustrated this piece for a new Troll in the Corner podcast series entitled “Monsters of the Shattered World”, written by Brent Newhall and edited by Quinn Conklin. Their first podcast portrays an adventuring party’s encounter with a shoal of Sahuagins. The artwork is mostly ink work supplemented by digital stars. Why digital? Because my toothbrush has yet to be trashed, salvaged and reused as white paint sprayer. Download Troll in the Corner’s Monsters of the Shattered World #1: The Sea Devils. Check out the bigger image here on DeviantArt.

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