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Recently, Nick Cardarelli invited me to be a guest on his podcast, Raised on DnD! The podcast features those who plays tabletop role-playing games with children at home and students in class. Because I have both run RPG sessions at home for Irfan for 10 years and in classes for students to help them acquire English language skills, I had a thing or two to say about the topic. Aside: I am sad that I am unable to run games for students during the quarantine era of 2020-2021. It would be much more engaging for them to look and speak to each other, and to roll the dice on the table.

Raised on DnD Banner

Raised on DnD Banner

Thanks to Nick for inviting me as a guest. I now join a list of amazing RPG personalities in the series, from Luke Gygax to Chris Pramas. Hopefully I have even more things to talk about if I do get invited again onto Raised on DnD.

Click here to listen to season 4 episode 4 of the podcast at Anchor.fm.

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