STA: Three On One

Star Trek: Emergency Deep

S01 E07 “Three On One”

  • Stardate: 58550.35; 21st July 2381 1020 hrs
  • Location: Trychnos, near Cor Caroli


NCC-72227 USS Östergötland

S01E07 Three on One title card

Suddenly three Orion Lightning-class blockade runners appear in the blue skies of the ocean world Trychnos and destroyed the Type-9 shuttle Mälaren. Captain Greg Ellison orders red alert as the USS Östergötland confronts the Orion vessels.

One Lightning nosedives towards them from an altitude of 10,000 metres while the other two peel off elsewhere. With a sensor scan,  Lieutenant Commander Tosk the Studious  easily determines the Orion ships’ shield frequency. On Ellison’s orders, Tactical Officer Lieutenant Libby dos Santos fires a phaser beam at the two other ships that peeled off. The sudden show of force causes one of the two to bank towards them on an intercept course. The dolphin Conn Officer Ensign Kremzeek increases the Östergötland‘s altitude to a position between the two ships bearing down on them. Ellison orders dos Santos to fire at the second Lightning. However, in the heat of the moment, the phaser beam misses.

We're whalers on the moon, We carry a harpoon

Orion Lightning-class Type VIII Blockade Runner

Kremzeek then turns north and begins to pursue the lone, third ship. Meanwhile, Tosk has a back-up plan when dos Santos missed. He scans the third Lightning and discovers that it is headed for the Trychnos alien whale pod. Tosk informs Kremzeek,  who then increases the ship’s speed and tries to close the gap fast.

One of the pursuing Orion Lightning fires a beam but – thanks to Kremzeek’s sleek piloting – misses.

Ellison orders dos Santos and Kremzeek to fire aft phasers at the Lightnings behind them. With Tosk assisting on fire control computer, dos Santos’s beam strikes her targeted Lightning‘s  communication module, disabling the ship. There is a burst of flame and smoke, and then it drops away,  spiralling to the ocean below.

Kremzeek, foregoing evasive manoeuvres, fires a second phaser beam that also pierces the second ship’s shields. Her  starboard warp nacelle shears off and the beam also ignites her impulse engines. The second Lightning explodes and disintegrates in a ball of flame.

RIP whalers on the moon

Phaser blast

Before long, the Östergötland catches up with the third Lightning. She is hounding a pod of whales and is about to fire a harpoon. Starfleet has never seen a harpoon cannon fitted to the hull of Lightnings before. These were Orion whalers! Killing whales in Federation space!

Kremzeek flies around and positions the Östergötland nose-to-nose with the final Orion vessel. Tosk also intimidates them from his Ops console with multiple targeting sensor pings. Then Captain Ellison hails them, and successfully persuades the Orions to stand down and surrender.

They beam the Lightning‘s command crew to the Östergötland brig & transport injured ones to sickbay for treatment. Soon, after rescuing the first Lightning‘s crew that splashed down elsewhere, the Östergötland heads back to Cor Caroli, with one captured ship in tow and dozens of prisoners held in the brig and sickbay.

En route to Gondolin Station, Tosk – while investigating the Orion ship’s data banks – discovers a more accurate data of the SS Takoyaki collision. Even more surprising, the Lightning is fitted with a Romulan cloaking device. Meanwhile, Dr. Pachacutiq Ingersoll summons Capt Ellison to sickbay. One of the badly injured Orion ship crew member is a Vulcanoid. Before losing consciousness, he’d told the Dr. Ingersoll that he knows the captain here is Greg Ellison and what has happened to his sister.

I drew this

NCC-72227 USS Östergötland

Capt Ellison intends to pick up  Commander Morpheus Drake and Dr. Saladin Chau from Gondolin Station and return to Trychnos to investigate further.


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