Most of the members of the Slaughterhouse Five

VTR: The Atlanta Requiem

Coincidentally, Anne Rice passed away earlier today on the first day of my playing Vampire the Requiem. It was an online session and we played as the young upstarts of Atlanta, known as Slaughterhouse Five. Who is Jackie Long? I played Jackie Long, a Nosferatu, and part of the Slaughterhouse Five. Jackie wore a mop of silver wig to cover his hideous visage. Sure he’s a Nosferatu, but that did not stop him from going out partying all night. An unabashed clubber and raver, he spent his nights also selling pills to humans. Sometimes, he drank from them. Who is the Slaughterhouse Five? The Slaughterhouse Five were a coterie of vampires of different lineages. They were young and despite being drinkers of human blood, idealistic. Why did they need to follow the whims and fancies of the Prince of Atlanta? No one voted for the Prince to lead the vampires […]

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