Doug, Adrian & Ivan

A Dwarf, An Elf and a Human Walk Into Mage Cafe

This afternoon I had the pleasure of gaming at Mage Cafe with the GOKL gang. Ivan was gamemastering Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing 3rd Edition, using the introductory adventure Fantasy Flight Games put up on their website, A Day Late, A Shilling Short. Here is a close up of the dice we used: red Reckless dice, green Conservative dice, white Fortune dice and black Misfortune dice. The Characteristic dice and the Expertise dice and the Challenge dice (blue, yellow and purple respectively) are located just away from the camera’s POV: You roll the Dice Pool based on your character’s stats and tally them up. Some dice cancel other dice out, like Fudge dice. Then you determine the outcome with the remaining dice. Here’s my player character, Birgitta Tageslicht, the Roadwarden chick whose father was recently slain by beastmen in the woods. I played this woman as one who’s reckless into battle […]

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