Brand new container

Outbreak Outage

Besides having this Movement Control Order because of this virus outbreak, we also learnt last Thursday that we were going to have a water outage. The powers that be announced that it would last 3 days from Saturday to Monday. On Friday, Ain and I went looking at shops to find one that would tide us for the duration. Thanks to my colleague Rizal, we found a hardware store that sold lots of them. We spent minimum time purchasing the container, then headed back home as soon as possible. It is now Sunday morning, the container is full and standing by, and we have another 24 hours plus change left according to the waterworks maintenance schedule. So far, so good.

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Near the university

Final Day, No Water

It is the last day of 2019 and we are spending the night at my workplace again. Apparently a water outage that was scheduled to last less than 12 hours has been extended without any official announcement. Again, we appear to be lucky that my office is basically an apartment building. We had dinner at a nearby favourite restaurant of Ain’s. Before we retired back to the office, I took this photo of the last cloudscape of the year over the Kuala Perlis-Sintok highway.

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The AC unit was recently installed thank Allah

Overnight at the Office

One Friday morning we woke up discovered we had a water outage. We did not know how long the roof tanks would sustain us because driving through the town of Mata Ayer (ironic name in this case) nearby we noticed that the repair work being done, digging into the street there appeared to be major. I thought that this would be a good time to have a sleep over at the office which was not affected by the repairs. After Irfan’s Bahasa Malaysia tuition, we headed for the office with our overnight bag. Also I actually also brought over some work from home back to the office. I signed in with the guard and all. The R&R restaurants in front of the office were open, so we took away some food from there to my office. Soon we made ourselves at home at my office. The office is laid out […]

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