The Amazing Adventures of Yaya, Adik and Auntie Jo – Part 1

We had a nice treat when the kids’ Auntie Jo visited all the way from Leeds! Yaya had lots of time to play with Jo, and Jo had lots of time to cuddle Adik. And still spend some time with Vin and me ;-). The last time Jo visited was at Yaya’s 2nd birthday, and this time with not as hot weather in May, it was just as much fun.

[[image:2012-jovisit-02.jpg:Jo with Yaya and Adik:center:0]]

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We hung out at home for the first few days, chilling and letting the kids get to know their Aunt. Yaya took to her right away and showed her her room, and included Jo in all the games, and gave Jo her own roles to play in the play-acting games.

[[image:2012-jovisit-01.jpg:This shirt that Auntie Jo gave Yaya has an “attached tutu”!!:center:0]]

[[image:2012-jovisit-03.jpg:Let’s all make Adik laugh!:center:0]]

[[image:2012-jovisit-04.jpg:Auntie Jo gives Adik his bottle:center:0]]

And then, off we went! Gallivanting to Indiana to see Becky and the Indiana family! This will be the first time Becky sees Adik since she was with us for his birth. Also this is Adik’s first road trip, first time crossing a state line, and first time in Vin’s home state of Indiana! 

[[image:2012-jovisit-05.jpg:Adik meets cousin Trenton:center:0]]

[[image:2012-jovisit-06.jpg:Helping Uncle Phil with his work:center:0]]

[[image:2012-jovisit-07.jpg:Aunt Becky and the kids:center:0]]

[[image:2012-jovisit-08.jpg:Auntie Jo and Adik hang out by the lake:center:0]]

[[image:2012-jovisit-09.jpg:Aunt Becky and Adik:center:0]]

We went to the Botanic Gardens:

[[image:2012-jovisit-10.jpg:Requisite signboard photo:center:0]]

[[image:2012-jovisit-11.jpg:By the “English Garden”, I think:center:0]]

[[image:2012-jovisit-12.jpg:Holding on to Yaya so we can get a group shot:center:0]]

Yaya loved being able to run free in the gardens, she had to stay where I could see her and not go near the ponds ;-).

[[image:2012-jovisit-19.jpg:Becky makes Adik laugh while Jo takes photos:center:0]]

[[image:2012-jovisit-20.jpg:Happy Adik and Aunt Becky:center:0]]

No summer trip to Elkhart is complete without a boat ride!

[[image:2012-jovisit-14.jpg:Arrrr! Pirate Family ready to go on the water:center:0]]

(Look, Lil, a family portrait!)

[[image:2012-jovisit-15.jpg:On the boat:center:0]]

Adik is nursing/napping under that cover.

[[image:2012-jovisit-21.jpg:Pirate Yaya enjoying the boat ride:center:0]]

A few other photos:

[[image:2012-jovisit-17.jpg:Jo and Becky partner up for Ray-ball:center:0]]

[[image:2012-jovisit-16.jpg:Jo and Becky enjoying each other’s company:center:0]] 

[[image:2012-jovisit-18.jpg:Adik gets a kiss from 98-year-old Aunt Mary:center:0]]

Sadly, Aunt Mary did not make it to her 99th birthday in August. She passed away about two weeks after our visit. RIP Aunt Mary.

As always, we had a fabulous time with Becky and Phil and their family! Thanks for having us!

[[image:2012-jovisit-13.jpg:Adik with his Aunt Becky and Auntie Jo:center:0]]

Stay tuned for more adventures with Auntie Jo! Adik crosses international borders!

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