The Legion on JLU

No, not the French Foreign Legion. The DC Universe’s 30th century team the Legion of Super-Heroes finally get to shine in an episode of Justice League Unlimited titled “Far From Home”. Sure, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Chameleon Boy travelled back in time in Superman the Animated Series before, but this episode features a busload of Legionnaires, all in the 30th century. Additionally, their arch-villain teams, the Fatal Five, also appear (with the Emerald Empress voice by Joanne Whalley). Both Legion HQs were also shown!

Unfortunately, only Brainiac 5, Bouncing Boy and Phantom Girl have speaking roles. There is a good reason, however, why the others don’t speak for most of the episode.

Click on the thumbnails below for a who’s who picture.

[[popup:lsh01.jpg:(thumbnail):The Animated Legion:center:1]]
Apart from John Stewart and Kara in the foreground, we also see between them from top to bottom: Shadow Lass, Colossal Boy and Ultra Boy. On the other side of Kara, clockwise from top left: Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, Blok, Wildfire, Timber Wolf, Bouncing Boy, Chameleon Boy and Lightning Lad.

Shrinking Violet and Invisible Kid could well be in that picture and we wouldn’t have any idea. 😉

[[popup:lsh02.jpg:(thumbnail):The Animated Fatal Five:center:1]]
The Fatal Five, clockwise from left: Tharok, the Emerald Empress (with the Eye of Ekron), Validus, Persuader (with his Atomic Axe) and Mano.

Great script throughout:
Kara: “What power do you have? Super strength? Speed?”
Brainiac 5: “I have a 12th level intelligence.”
Kara: “Great. You can hit him with your diploma.”

With JLU ending this season, I hope we get a Legion of Super-Heroes series. Anything by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini would be a series not to be underestimated.

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