Thirty Four Weeks

OK, I know I usually do an update on the belly progress every four weeks, but now in the last few weeks of the third trimester, it seems like it’s growing exponentially. I think my belly is growing on a daily basis! Check it out!

[[image:34week1.jpg:Lookit how big I am!:center:0]]


The thing is, in the last 3 weeks I only gained 2 1/2 lbs! But it sure feels like I grew much bigger. How about some more thoughts on pregnancy:

1) Remember the large pot-bellied men question I had from the Halfway Mark? Now a follow up question: What fills it to make it so big? I mean, right now I’m filled to the brim with baby+amniotic sac+amniotic fluid and all kinds of stuff so I swish when I move around. What about the large pot-bellied men? What’s in there? How does it feel? Does it swish?

2) I referred to the belly as my “large-tight-1-pack-abs” at work today and got some laughs.

3) Baby is very actively kicking. Likes very much to kick me in the ribs or wedge a foot or arm under the lowest rib all the live-long day so that I feel him/her with every movement, both of which results in what feels like bruised and tender ribs by bedtime.

4) We went to our first childbirth preparation class last night – it was fun/scary/interesting/informative all rolled in one.

Doctor says baby is progressing well, as expected. Wish us luck for the next 6 weeks! 🙂

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