Tok & Opah Irfan Comes A-visiting

Last Saturday, my parents (also known as Irfan’s Grandparents) came to spend several days with us. It was the first time, they saw Irfan all dressed up ready to go to school with his memory bag prepared for battle. It was also fun for them to be seeing Irfan spelling out words, writing the alphabet and reciting bedtime and mealtime doas. His claim that W was an inverted M is quite amusing.[[image:zippy01.jpg:Watching TV:center:0]]

Sunday morning, Ain, Irfan and I took Tok & Opah Irfan for a visit at Sungai Congkak. Irfan as usual loved the river and liked seeing leaves go over the rocks in the river. I also showed him beautiful blue dragonflies, water skimmers and vibrant, green algae growing out of roots of the tall trees at the riverbank. Tok Irfan took some great photos.[[image:zippy03.jpg:Irfan on the rocks:center:0]][[image:zippy02.jpg:Good luck getting me out of the water:center:0]]

Irfan also had a haircut due, so he went to get his hair done at his favourite barber uncle. There was no way we could get his hair to look like this after his first bath thereafter.[[image:zippy04.jpg:Stylish do:center:0]]

We had to force him out of bed to take a bath on that Monday and Tuesday, but after a fresh change of clothes and warm milk he was all okay and ready for school. Tuesday, as seen here, is go nuts on the playground day.[[image:zippy05.jpg:PE uniform:center:0]]

It’s back into the water for Irfan on Tuesday, with Tok Irfan clicking away on his camera. The best part about it was his newfound ability to dip his head and move around underwater while holding his breath and opening his eyes. I could never do that until I was in my early teens. Irfan is also a keen jumper.[[image:zippy06.jpg:Irfan is a puddle jumper:center:0]]

Watch him walk underwater and enjoying it.[[image:zippy07.jpg:His eyes are open and he’s grinning:center:0]]

He’s perfectly fine with it. Check it out.[[image:zippy08.jpg:Good luck getting me out of the water AGAIN:center:0]]

Irfan thanks his grandparents for a wonderful time, and hope that they come again for more adventures.

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