Yaya’s First Dentist Visit

So, now that Yaya is a big girl, it is time to ensure that she has good dental health! Yaya had her first dental checkup ever on 25 September! Wheeee!

[[image:2012-yayadentist-07.jpg:Photo of George Washington’s dentures and a cool tooth-shaped mug:center:0]]

According to the dental hygienist, George Washington’s teeth were set in lead (!!!!). Poor man probably died of lead poisoning. And can you imagine how heavy that must be in one’s jaw? Ouch.

Yaya was very excited about the visit to the dentist. She had been asking to see the dentist for a while and voila! It was time. Yaya loved that they had a little waiting room (off the main waiting room area) for kids – with kid-sized armchairs and books. She wanted Adik to wait there with her.

[[image:2012-yayadentist-01.jpg:At the kids section of the waiting room:center:0]]

[[image:2012-yayadentist-02.jpg:Let’s read while we wait!:center:0]]

And then Yaya’s name is called and we all troop in. Yaya gets in the chair and gets a bib on.

[[image:2012-yayadentist-11.jpg:Happily awaiting the examination:center:0]]

It starts off very well with the dental hygienist counting her teeth and photographing each of them and doing a preliminary assessment.

[[image:2012-yayadentist-09.jpg:Yaya has twenty teeth!:center:0]]

[[image:2012-yayadentist-10.jpg:Adik may want in on the action but Mama’s happy not to be in the chair today:center:0]]

And then it is time for Yaya’s teeth to get cleaned and polished. Oh my, but she put up a fuss and refused to let it happen. Finally, Vin takes Adik out of the room and Mama holds Yaya’s arms while the hygienist works her magic. After her first tooth gets polished, she relaxed and said “Oh, it doesn’t hurt at all!”. And she didn’t have to be held down and let the procedure take place with no more issues. After the polishing came the flossing and Yaya was awesome and did not object even a little bit.

[[image:2012-yayadentist-03.jpg:Polish polish polish the teeth!:center:0]]

[[image:2012-yayadentist-04.jpg:Rinse and…:center:0]]


[[image:2012-yayadentist-12.jpg:Papa and Adik wait in the waiting room:center:0]]

[[image:2012-yayadentist-06.jpg:Waiting for the dentist to see her now:center:0]]

The dentist comes in and examines Yaya’s teeth, counting yet again (twenty!). We discuss her tooth-brushing habits and are told that she can start flossing now. Also we have been given the early-warning that she will probably require orthodontia early because she has an underbite. Oh boy… fun right? Yeah. Right. But anyway, Yaya passed with flying colors. No cavities or issues. Keep up the good work! We left with some stickers and a little triceratops toy that she picked out from the treasure chest.

[[image:2012-yayadentist-08.jpg:Happy Yaya showing off her pearly whites:center:0]]

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