Year’s End Vacation 5: Evening Exploration

After Atok and Opah rested for the evening, we set off to look for a place that Ain once visited 30 years before: The Boh Tea Plantation. We followed the map up a hill to the north of Brinchang. It was a hillside path which allowed for only one car to pass. Unfortunately, more cars were driving in the opposite direction. We had to part in small alcoves by the hillside to allow them to pass. We also had to jump from alcove to alcove when we could.

Soon, the flow of oncoming cars had dwindled. The reason for the outflow of cars, we soon discovered, is that the plantation had closed for the day. I was also looking for the Mossy Forest, which the map indicated was on this particular route.

I took a side road and found the way up to the Mossy Forest. We did not advance further as it went further uphill and the road looked less than sound. Plus, it was getting darker.

So we got out and took photos.

On our way back we stopped at a car park which was an observation point that oversaw the valley. The view was gorgeous, even if it was growing colder as the sun slowly disappeared behind the hills.

We also bought some fresh corn from a lady by the roadside.

Bonus pics

Later that night, we scouted the area near the hotel for food. There was a food truck area. We did not buy anything there because we decided to get food from the restaurant right beside the hotel. But on our way back, we were provided a grand view of a lightning storm in a storm front which seemed to be closing in on us, blocking out the sky as it approached.

However, it did not rain that night.

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