Yet Another Cousin Arrives

After our inaugural viewing of Star Wars The Force Awakens in Alor Setar, Cikma – who was very far along her pregnancy – was admitted to hospital for blood pressure that went through the roof. So first thing the next morning Ain and Irfan travelled to KL by bus to aid Cikma.

But before their bus cruised into the city, young Rania Sumayyah was decantered into this world. Both mother and infant were healthy upon her arrival.

Aunt and cousin, eh? Thankfully it's not Shub-Niggurath

Rania Arrives

Welcome to this universe, Baby Rania!

I missed The Force Awakens première? That's just nuts

Rania surveys the land

Of course, Irfan is happy because he gets to meet with his cousins!

Irfan, Zara and Aiman go nuts at the hospital! No not really

Greeting their new cousin

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  1. awwww welcome to the world baby Rania! congrats to emma and hubby! love to all. can’t wait for Yaya & Adik to meet some new cousins 🙂

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