Zarin’s Visit

So Zarin (atukku!) spent a few days with us (May 16-22) during which time, I regret to say that even though I brought my camera everywhere, I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have. Too busy chatting and hanging out and eating. What to do? I haven’t had this kind of time to hang out with Zarin since our college days (and since Zarin came for the 10th Year reunion, that’s as many years since we’ve had the luxury of hanging out like this).

We did plan some activities to do (other than hanging out!). On Saturday, we went to watch the Cincinnati Reds play against the Cleveland Indians (Interleague Play).

Sorry Zarin, I borrowed a few of your pictures for this entry…

[[image:zarin02.jpg:Zarin and Vin:center:0]]

[[image:zarin03.jpg:Zarin in front of Great American Ballpark:center:0]]

Alamak! See? Our camera is dying or something. Got red tinge to the pics! 🙁 Excuse to buy new camera? Hmmm…

[[image:zarin01.jpg:Vin sitting while Zarin and I tour the ballpark:center:0]]

[[image:zarin04.jpg:Zarin and me:center:0]]

(Keep in mind, I’m pregnant ok? I know I’m huge)

[[image:zarin05.jpg:Jr had this many Home Runs as of that day:center:0]]


[[image:zarin07.jpg:Batting Practice:center:0]]

After the game day, I seriously was terrible at taking pictures. We went out to an Outlet Mall, to a regular Mall, went out to eat, and all of this went by without me taking even one single picture. Apa lah!!!! 🙁

Then on Wednesday night, we went to Vin’s baseball game (I know, another baseball game? Zarin is a fan of the Red Sox so at least he likes baseball).

[[image:zarin08.jpg:On the way to the field:center:0]]

In the above picture you can see roller coasters from Paramount’s Kings Island where Zarin and I once went on practically every ride back during our ATU days. Unfortunately, due to my “condition”, we were not able to recreate the craziness of days past at Kings Island (which totally would have been utterly cool).

Vin did not pitch during this game, so here’s what he did:

[[image:zarin09.jpg:Vin coaching first base:center:0]]

[[image:zarin10.jpg:Pinch running, on 2nd base:center:0]]

[[image:zarin11.jpg:Vin took third on a wild pitch:center:0]]

[[image:zarin12.jpg:Putting on the brakes:center:0]]

[[image:zarin13.jpg:Vin and Pete both scored runs!:center:0]]

[[image:zarin14.jpg:Game over – We won!:center:0]]

Yayyy. The game did not take too long, and we won handily. Zarin was a good luck charm! And we had such a good time trying to translate baseball terms to Malay (hilarious!!! my favorite is still “Berhenti Pendek” aka Short Stop). Giggling the whole time. Sadly, the next afternoon Zarin was flying off to Providence to attend Brown’s 10th Reunion. Here’s Zarin at our coffee table work area:

[[image:zarin15.jpg:Zarin at the laptop:center:0]]

And then finally, at the airport (damn the red tint on the photo!!)

[[image:zarin16.jpg:Zarin and Vin:center:0]]

I was totally not above begging Zarin to come back after Providence (“Jangan balik Zarin, stay, Zarin”) :-). But of course, life must go on and Zarin has to go. I hope you had a good time with us, because I know we enjoyed having you here. Hope it won’t be 10 years before you come back to visit us again! 🙂

And to close, a (lovely?) red-tinted photostitching of Great American Ballpark, home of the Cincinnati Reds:

[[image:gabp.jpg:Red Great American Ballpark:center:0]]

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