USS Östergötland NCC-72227

STA: Shades of Green

Star Trek: Emergency Deep S01E17 “Shades of Green” Dramatis Personae Capt Greg Ellison, Human-Deltan Commanding Officer (Dan) Dr Patrick Troughton, Human Chief Medical Officer (Doug) Cmdr Morpheus Drake, Human Executive Officer / Flight Officer (Ivan) Lt Cmdr Galinha, Tamarian Chief Operations Officer (Ivan) Lt JG John Hippocampus, Beluga whale Chief Science Officer (Razz) Stardate: 58592.6 (5th August 2381) 1 While the USS Östergötland is undergoing maintenance and overhaul at Reykjavík Experimental Shipyards on Earth, the senior crew is at the Starfleet Administration Building in Tycho City on Luna. They had just went through an award ceremony on the moon, bestowed by their mission supervisor Admiral Kathryn Janeway. After the ceremony, the crew split up with Östergötland CO Captain Ellison hailing a hovercab for some soul searching over the skyline of Tycho City by himself. He disappears into the night. 2 At the Tycho City  Zoo, a trio of adorable white […]

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