USS Östergötland NCC-72227

STA: To The Dark Avenue

Star Trek: Emergency Deep S01E18 “To The Dark Avenue” Dramatis Personae Capt Greg Ellison, Human-Deltan Commanding Officer (Dan) Dr Patrick Troughton, Human Chief Medical Officer (Doug) Cmdr Morpheus Drake, Human Executive Officer / Flight Officer (NPC) Lt Cmdr Galinha, Tamarian Chief Operations Officer (Ivan) Lt JG John Hippocampus, Beluga whale Chief Science Officer (Razz) Stardate: 58592.6 August 13 2381. The Ascent After a week’s shore leave, the USS Östergötland has departed from Reykjavík Experimental Shipyards on Earth. She is now in Earth’s orbit, holding station near Earth Spacedock, waiting for their next mission. Their mission supervisor Admiral Kathryn Janeway calls from her office in San Francisco. Her visage fills up the main viewscreen on the Östergötland‘s bridge. Capt Ellison is in the centre seat. XO Cmdr Drake is at Conn instead of the first officer’s seat. Beside him on Ops is COO Lt Cmdr Galinha. The Science Station is manned […]

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