Commander Mochizuki uses the First Officer pregen

STA: Rescue at Anansi Aleph III

Star Trek Adventures One-shot: “Rescue at Anansi Aleph III” Yesterday, young Anya plays Commander Jewel Mochizuki, XO of the Walker-class USS Bangkok. Several more days of Ramadhan to go, and she just saw the Star Trek: Lower Decks episode “I Have No Bones, Yet I Must Scream”. So, she asked if I could run a Star Trek Adventures session. I would ask Irfan to join but he was napping. The Mission Begins It is July 2260. Captain Adilia Morales is sent by Starfleet Command to investigate an SOS from the missing Saladin-class USS Neptune in the Anansi Aleph system. Captain Morales assigns Cmdr Mochizuki to the rescue ops. Upon dropping out of warp, Science Officer Lt Amanda Heisenberg scans nearby gas giant Anansi Aleph III detecting a ship in its upper atmosphere. Helmsman Lt. Cmdr. Simone Tsang plots a course there. An electrical storm under the Neptune disables scanning, comms […]

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