Maybe the weather phenomenon they encountered looks like this

Dune RPG: To The Deep Desert

Last night, I ran Modiphius’ Dune RPG for the first time, as a one-shot, using the Wormsign quickstart scenario as an adventure template. To The Deep Desert Location: City of Arrakeen, Planet Arrakis.Time: 2 weeks before the official Atreides arrival, year 10,191 AG. “Given the right lever, you can move a planet.” A retinue of Atreides House Agents with Servant Hassan Diago (Razzman), Junior Mentat Sharah Fell (Ivan), Swordmaster Apprentice Marcus Syn (Doug) and Former Spice Smuggler Corbin Bralik (Ivan) are sent by Swordmaster Duncan Idaho to check on a reported smuggler encampment 150 km south of the city of Arrakeen. The party, packed uncomfortably into a thopter, flies towards a freak weather event that conjures sudden, violent dust devils. With Sharah’s encyclopaedic knowledge of Arrakis’ weather, Marcus is able to evade one of the lethal sand tornados. After 30 seconds, the dust devil disappears. Marcus looks out for more, […]

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