20th Wedding Anniversary

The story so far…

20 years ago, Ain and I took each other as husband and wife on a sunny afternoon in Pasir Mas. As it was a chaotic day, I had to spend a lot of energy to ignore what things might go wrong, what might come tomorrow and other conjectures. Instead I focused on the moment. One thing at a time, I traversed the day.

20 years later, Ain is a warrior at my side, the same as I try to be one by hers. As I approach middle age and gain a modicum of hindsight, it becomes clear that I would not have any other person by my side, undergoing all the trials and tribulations that were thrown our way a we made our way along two decades.

Much more than just a partner…

Much of the tribulations have not been recorded on this weblog, but I am certain they would fatally exhaust a lesser person. Ain not only stood by me, but forced me to improve. If it were not for her I would not have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, and I would not have my present job.

So many words I need to write, but I am unable to string them up effectively in such a short time. I am also certain, no words will equal the thoughts and feelings I need to express to account for the last 20 years.

All I can say is, I love you, Ain. Thank you for being my partner for half the last two decades despite enduring a lot of hardship with me.

We went to a nearby seafood restaurant on our 20th anniversary. It was a fun evening for us all.

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