Cortex Prime Arrives

I had a communique with Miriam Robern for whom I did some work before. She would help get a copy of the Cortex Prime Game Handbook published by Fandom Tabletop and author Cam Banks. This was because I have been running role-playing games for language learning at work. According to Miriam, Cam was happy to contribute to games-in-education initiatives.

After a couple of weeks, the Cortex Prime shipment came. There was more than just a few books!

The courier sent a box to the workplace

The courier sent a box to the workplace

The admin office called me to pick it up because there was no way they were stuffing the box into my mailing pigeonhole. I opened up the box at the admin office and some colleagues posed with the books.

Yan, Nana and Farah with Cortex Prime

Yan, Nana and Farah with Cortex Prime

We even took a photo with our department head as she passed by the office.

The books will be used for teaching and research... somehow

The books will be used for teaching and research… somehow

I will be reading the book to learn about the system. A cursory read of its rules reveal that the system has a lot of potential for language teaching thanks to trait sets. I will have a review write-up of the book later.

Cover of Cortex Prime

Cover of Cortex Prime

There is a matter that disrupts my plans in using this book in class though. Thanks to the pandemic, I presently have no face-to-face classes and everything is online. In fact, most of the students are back at their own homes accessing my course online.

This will be a hard sell as having the book, dice and minis on the table is a huge encouragement for the students to start playing. Perhaps, I might write a blog post about my thoughts on this in the future.

Thanks, Cam & Miriam.

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